SPHOTA: “That from which the meaning bursts forth”
In Hindu linguistics “sphota” relates to the theory and understanding of what words and phrases represent when someone reads them and relates them on a deeper level. It is the ‘light-bulb effect’, that ‘Ah-ha!’ moment of understanding aspects of words, sentences, mantras etc.

MERAKI: “The love one puts forth into something. The creative essence of putting yourself into your work”
In Greek, “merkati” represents the passion and soul one puts into their work.

Sphota-Meraki.com represents the drive and passion individuals feel in making change in their personal life as well as putting it forth out into the world. It is that moment of clarity before, during and after when one puts their whole essence into creating something anew.

This is that process….that moment of thought, turned into reality. The belief of doing what you love and how it enhances others in the process.

SPHOTA-MERAKI…. It may be difficult to say or comprehend…but that is part of the point….to learn something new and see where it leads you.

There are six sections that are in the menus above, These sections will have a brief description of what that section will entail. More info will be available soon enough.

1. Consciousness – Aspects of religion and spiritual understanding.
2. Wellness – Physically and mentally, traditional and holistic.
2. Ecology – Aspects dealing with the flora and fauna. Animal rights issues and environmental concerns
4. Education – Aspects relating to the education sector and well as government concerns
5. Fringe – Anything related to conspiracy theories
6. Frolic – Music and the Arts




Every few months I will be placing various music on the right hand sidebar and eventually include some of them in the print. Below is a a track from the EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Heavy Metal, Hip-Hop and Ambient, Christian and Pagan genres.

PORAT – Shiva Tandava Stotram
Porat is an Israeli Producer that creates Ethnic infused Psy-Trance. This song is a Hindu hymn that describes Shiva’s power and beauty, both in creation and destruction

My Sleeping Karma is a German Psychedelic Instrumental Rock band. Their music has a mixture of ambient and melodic pieces infused with a heavier but subtle feel. A multilayer compositions that take the listener on a journey between rock and ambience. Moksha, means freedom from Samsara (the cycle of rebirth). It is the liberation from the material world and the end of suffering.

TRUTHSEEKAH – Meditation
Truthseekah is a Visionary and Esoteric Hip-Hop artist from Alabama that brings a fresh feel to the Hip-Hop genre. Lryrics dealve into the spiritual and esoteric side of reality.

ANILAH – Medicine Chant
Based in the Selkirk Mountains of Western Canada Anilah entwines shamanic drumming and chanting into an etheric sound great for meditation. She uses the voice as a healing modality and creates music which aids in cathartic and transformative experiences.

California based Christian youth ministry group who plays Worship style music that  is to “ignite revival in the nations of the earth; to compel the Body of Christ to radically abandon itself to a lifestyle of worship; to encounter His extravagant love and raw power.” Probably one of my favorite Christian songs outside of Metal Christian bands.

LINDIE LILA – We All Come From the Goddess
Cape Town, South African singer/songwriter Lindie Lila creates soulful and folk style music to honor the sacred form of the goddess. This is one of my favorite versions of “We All Come From the Goddess” outside of the Metal version by BETRAY MY SECRETS.

Good Eats: Houston: Doshi House


LOCATION: 3419 Dowling St. Houston Texas 77004

HOURS: Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 11am-8pm, Sun 11am-5pm
PRICE RANGE: On the Cheap!

Just a stones throw away from the Montrose District is a quaint and welcoming little coffee and dining spot called Doshi House. Located in Third Ward, Doshi House might be missed if your not paying attention. What looks like an abandoned building houses a very chill spot off the beaten path.

The vibe in there is relaxing and inviting. A mixture of Ambient Chill, Middle Eastern Trance and an eclectic mix of Soul music soothes anyone coming in for a bite to eat or meet others for coffee or tea. Even though there are clear signs of leaking ceilings Doshi House is in the process of renovating and expanding. Owner Deepak Doshi opened up the small cafe over six year ago to help expand his involvement into the community and is now growing the cafe to include a second story balcony.

Besides the chill music, ambient feel and artwork on the walls, is the food. Affordable and tasty. Whether you get a Tofu Masala Empanada with a Strawberry and Banana smoothie or if you’re there for their rotating menu each night, you can eat the “Vegan Not So “Butter Chicken”” on a Saturday or their Vegan Three Bean Chili on Wed., you will not want to miss. Maybe on your way out you can grab a coffee which is locally owned and operated by Greenway Coffee and a vegan chocolate chip cookie from Sinfull Bakery.




Update: It’s a boy!!

26804786_144516246339701_6129875215219691962_nWas hoping to update a few days back but I was in Corpus with my daughter and her boyfriend welcoming into existence my grandson Isaik Nicholas Hadley who was born 1/18/2018 at 12:55AM. We were initially told that he may be born with either intestinal blockage or a nerve disease, either of which may have involved surgery. Fortunately all is well as of today and hopefully he will be home tomorrow.

I will be updating first week of Feb. I will be sending out a group email pertaining to free advertisement and classifieds.

Until then….welcome Isaik!!!!

Free Advertisement and Classified Ads

Screenshot (100)Print Publication Update:
For the promotional issue, released March 2018, we are giving away free classified ads and a few ad spaces on a limited bases. In exchange for this free service we ask that, when the promo issue is out, you distribute a number of copies as you so wish. Also, promoting your ad or classified on social media with the hashtag #sphota-meraki will also help get the word out for yourself as well as us. And we will do the same back as well. We want you to be able to give these away to your clients, customers or further business associates. This publication is just by word of mouth and is being built up by the community of like minded individuals. Continue reading “Free Advertisement and Classified Ads”


Name: Sphota-Meraki (meaning)
Promotional Issue: #00
Release Date: 3/2018
Page Count: 24
Circulation: 3000+
Distribution: Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Victoria
– Promotional issue will be primarily be distributed through advertisers and contributors, special events and few locations. More info on that coming soon.
Content: See below


There will be six sections in the publication. In the dropdown menu above, these sections have been divided and will, eventually, house articles that will appear in the print publication. A brief description is below and further info will be included in the actual print publication along with sample articles and info.

1. Consciousness – Aspects of religion and spiritual understanding.
2. Ecology – Aspects dealing with the flora and fauna. Animal rights issues and environmental concerns
3. Wellness – Physically and mentally, traditional and holistic. Continue reading “UPDATE – PRINT PUBLICATION – INFO”

Mystic Market at Blue Star Arts Complex

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Sat Dec 30th vending @mysticmarket @bluestarartscomplex in @sanantoniotx

Screen-printed shirts, buttons, totes, tapestries, hand-painted fans, concrete art and more. Next shows below….

  • 1/13 – AUSTIN – Gypsy Market – FB Event Pg
  • 1/14 – SAN MARCOS – Metaphysical & Holistic Fair FB Event Pg