Fringe News July 2021

News Links & Info on Unexplained & Conspiracies – Last Updated 31st of July 2021

This Maine campout includes a midnight Bigfoot hike and UFO-summoning meditation Second possible sasquatch sighting reported in Ashland County
Belief in Conspiracies Tied to Lower Critical Thinking Skills, But Don’t Get Smug The Covid Wuhan lab leak theory is being twisted to validate conspiracy theories
UFOs exist, and might come from beyond Earth, the U.S. said. Will that encourage conspiracy theorists? Harvard’s Avi Loeb Thinks We Should Study UFOs—and He’s Not Wrong

Did COVID-19 Leak From A Lab? A Reporter Investigates — And Finds Roadblocks The occult history of the dunce cap
Police Break Up ‘Exorcism’ Inside a Home Depot Read More: Police Break Up ‘Exorcism’ Inside a Home Depot What Netflix’s new occult anime reveals about the Philippines
Real-life Louisiana urban legend the Grunch takes a bite out of comics with Intrusion On the Fringe by Michael D Gordin review – why pseudoscience is here to stay

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