Consciousness News July 2021

Consciousness News July 2021

News Links and Info on Religious and Spiritual Issues – Last Updated 31st of July 2021

What drives belief in conspiracy theories, a lack of religion or too much? New psychology research suggests that belief in pure evil can put blinders on people’s thinking
The divine Dante Are New Iranian Criminal Laws Curtailing Freedom Of Religion Or Belief?
Whakapapa: how Māori belief is helping England find team spirit Three People Believing They Were Jesus Were Once Brought Together For A Very Unethical Experiment

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Hip-Hop and Consciousness

Hip-Hop and Consciousness


Hip-Hop speaks about the struggles and issues within a given community, as well as the expression of accomplishments in life. For many it is a representation of their world and their vision of reality.

Below are a variety of Hip-Hop artists that infuse the plight, as well as the powers, in their lives to express humanity with positive vibes.

Caught this guy both times in Houston at For The Community. Great Spoken Word Hip-Hop artist out of Austin.

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Consciousness News June 2021

Consciousness News June 2021

News Links and Info on Religious and Spiritual Issues – Last Updated 30th of June 2021

Reconciling religion and race Pope sends letter praising priest who ministers to LGBTQ Catholics
Atheists, humanists sue over Mississippi’s license plates Epigenetics: The spirituality of genetics
God/Human Connection – Universal Knowledge Spiritual Self-Help Book Launched India values religious tolerance: Pew Research Centre Report

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Unstuck: Create a New Path for Yourself

Unstuck: Create a New Path for Yourself


Sometimes it can feel like we’re stuck in life, doing the same things we’re unhappy with, over and over again.

Maybe you’ve been procrastinating on your meaningful work, or getting stuck in indecision or perfectionism. Maybe you’ve been putting off exercise or meditation, getting your finances in good shape, or making some other important change in your life.

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‘WandaVision’ echoes myths of Isis, Orpheus and Kisa Gotami to explain how grief and love persevere

‘WandaVision’ echoes myths of Isis, Orpheus and Kisa Gotami to explain how grief and love persevere

What is Marvel if not mythology persevering? WandaVision Images/Disney Plus

By Michael Nichols, Martin University

During a flashback scene in Marvel’s Disney Plus show “WandaVision,” the superpowered android Vision comforts his wife, Wanda Maximoff, after the death of her twin brother. “But what is grief,” he tells her, “if not love persevering?”

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by Leo Babauta

Every day, we are dealing with a thousand things, overrun by emails and messages and tasks and chores … and it can become overwhelming and shut us down.

I’d like to talk about an idea I’ve been working with, called the Stateless Protocol.

It’s meant to reduce the overwhelm and help us to focus and be more present.

Let me explain the idea, then we’ll talk about how to apply it.

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The Physics of Consciousness

The Physics of Consciousness

By: Jason Lincoln Jeffers

REPOST: Quantum physics posits that nothing really happens in the physical world unless a conscious mind observes it. In other words, consciousness must perceive what it creates in order for that creation be real. This theory can be corroborated in the dream world. When we dream, we create our dream and perceive our dream at the same time. We do it so seamlessly that we are unaware that we, are in fact, the dreamer.

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Duality Vs. Polarity

Duality Vs. Polarity

by: James Renford Powell
REPOST: The one concept that above all others plagues human beings, and has done so for all of recorded history, is the concept of duality. It is a hidden enemy, created in wrong thought (relative consciousness), and fed by fear. It has divided the world of man and has been the instrument of more death and destruction than all the terms we commonly use to describe evil. And yet the people of the world, as a whole, continue trapped in the same belief pattern. What is this thing called “duality”? Virtually every Church and most of the religions of the world have propagated this idea in their doctrine. Why is it such a pervasive idea, and why has it attracted such a following?

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Do Yoda Proud: Meditation 101

Do Yoda Proud: Meditation 101

by Dr. Janette Marie Freeman –

REPOST: Meditation is most commonly associated with monks, mystics and other spiritual disciplines. However, you don’t have to be a monk or mystic to enjoy its benefits. And you don’t even have to be in a special place topractice it. You could even try it in your own living room!

Although there are many different approaches tomeditation, the fundamental principles remain the same. The most important among these principles is that of removing obstructive, negative, and wandering thoughts and fantasies, and calming the mind with a deep sense of focus. This clears the mind of debris and prepares it for a higher quality of activity.

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DOCUMENTARY – Kumare’ (2012)

DOCUMENTARY – Kumare’ (2012)

“Today I embrace illusion to find truth”
What is truth? What is illusion? This documentary/film explores the question of what is real and what is fake in understanding what a spiritual master is. Film maker Vikram Gandhi goes undercover as a Hindu guru to seek those answers and finds more about who he is as well as the reactions of his ‘followers’ when he unveils his true self.

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Some Religions Need Persecution

Yes….I’m mainly talking about Evangelical Christianity.

I’m not one who likes to poke and prod other peoples’ spiritual beliefs but when it concerns hatred towards others, Evangelical Christianity takes the cake, and in no way do I see it as spiritual. Yes, we can talk about the different levels of prosecution found in the majority of all world religions to various degrees but what I’m focusing on are those people within a particular denomination that do not embody the teaching of their own religious teachings….

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Fish Daddy Glass and Top 5 Ways to Help You Get Inspired

fishdaddyFish Daddy Glass and Top 5 Ways to Help You Get Inspired

Fish Daddy Glass is the collaborated effort of “two guys looking to make great glass art” (aka Michael Fisher and Xavier Juarez) from the central Texas region. Saw these guys blowing glass a few days back at Art Haus@Pour Haus in New Braunfels (Between San Antonio and Austin) and was impressed by the quick items that were created, including glass pipes, necklace pieces and little animals. Continue reading “Fish Daddy Glass and Top 5 Ways to Help You Get Inspired”



Posted on December 5, 2016 by alongyourpath

So, yesterday the Department of the Army denied the approval of the easement in North Dakota ( 1 ). sacredSacred, yet to the applause of a lot of people that have been aware of this issue, this isn’t a victory, but a slight reminder that “this is the government and these are powerful oil and gas companies.”

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bliss-goddess-logoFrom their Facebook Page:
Bliss Goddess music, visual art and temple dance is an alchemy of the ancient, future and eternal present. As sonic shamans, they blend live instruments and ethnic percussion with remixes of the hottest tracks from the best tribal dub and world electronic dance music artists. The music is brought to your eyes by projected visionary art and sacred geometry, while radiant Temple Dancers invoke and embody the Divine Feminine, leading the listener/dancer on a journey across exotic, lush landscapes.


I first discovered BLISS GODDESS earlier this year while doing a Soundcloud search for artists and bands that relate to spirituality in one form or another. I found a live recording of their Jan. 29th show in Austin earlier this year. Continue reading “MUSIC – BLISS GODDESS”