Introducing my eBay Store

Finally decided to update my website with what Ive been working on the past year. Been focusing on a few different things and vamping up eBay sales has been a priority.

Been posting more on eBay, mainly sell books relating to Religion, Consciousness, Spirituality as well as Psychology, Philosophy and World Events. Also sell Manga books, movie lots and a few Christmas and Halloween items.

Been keeping store inventory between 225-250 items and have been doing pretty steadily on sales. Constantly adding new books and items every other day or so. Still have over 1000 books as well as other merchandise I will slowly be adding to eBay.

Since Im unable to post direct items here is a screen shot with a link to my shop. Please feel free to check it out and if you have a thought or question please message me on eBay. Thank you.


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