Wellness News July 2021

News Links and Info on Wellness and Mental Health Issues– Last Updated 31st of July 2021

Announcing a New Plan for Solving the Mystery of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena CAROLINE BURCKLE DISCUSSES MENTAL HEALTH AND WELL-BEING FOR OLYMPIC ATHLETES
Mental health is front and center in news stories from Tokyo to Washington Farmers Focus on Mental Health
Start the conversation about mental health with your employees today Mental health memes are everywhere – can they offer more than comic relief?

Third of Shoppers Cite Cost as Biggest Barrier to Healthy Eating Psilocybin spurs rapid growth of new nerve connections in mice
Study model explores impact of police action on population health ‘A second pandemic’: Children are suffering from lack of mental health services
Mental Health Importance is Finally Being Recognized in the Majority of the Workplace 5 Things Mental Health Experts Do When They Feel Lonely

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