Ecological News July 2021

News Links and Info on Environmental Issues – Last Updated 31st of July 2021 /p>

Australian government must protect young people from climate crisis harm, court declares Farm robots could help save the environment … or further destroy it
Should rivers have the same rights as people? Environment activist shot dead outside Nairobi home after death threats
Rocket Launches Are Shockingly Bad for the Environment Plastic waste could soon be causing ‘irreversible damage’ to the environment

Communities of color are the ‘first and worst’ hurt by climate change; urgent action needed to change course ‘Sixty years of climate change warnings: the signs that were missed (and ignored)
GOP Sen. Ron Johnson mouths to GOP luncheon that climate change is ‘bullsh*t’ Climate change is shrinking Italy’s iconic Lake Como, and fast
Meet the conservatives who want to fight climate change — their way These Scientists Linked June’s Heat Wave to Climate Change in 9 Days. Their Work Could Revolutionize How We Talk About Climate

How invasive plants could take advantage of climate change ‘We need to become the solution’: older New Zealanders join climate change fight
Global Warming Is Increasing the Likelihood of Frost Damage in Vineyards A LOCAL CLIMATE CHANGE DISASTER: COMING TO A TOWN NEAR YOU
Dragonflies are losing their wing color because of climate change, study shows How is climate change affecting heatwaves? Here’s what we need to study

Private Equity Follows the Money—and the Money Is Ditching Fossil Fuels Exxon faces heat after lobbyists’ comments on climate change cause furor
State’s Environment Dept. releases survey on climate change Engineers: You Can Disrupt Climate Change
Climate change is real’: Oregon heat death toll hits 107 Despite Fervent Denials, Exxon Knew About Climate Change All Along

The US power grid isn’t ready for climate change Climate Change Is Driving Jarring Changes at Yellowstone National Park
NASA Satellites Find Upper Atmosphere Cooling and Contracting Due to Climate Change Climate change: Extremes committee validates Antarctic record heat
To Stop Climate Change Americans Must Cut Energy Use by 90 Percent, Live in 640 Square Feet, and Fly Only Once Every 3 Years, Says Study Climate change could fuel the spread of a flesh-eating parasite

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