Fringe News July 2021 – Qanon Edition

News Links & Info on Qanon, Right Wing Extremists & Conspiracies– Last Updated 31st of July 2021

QAnon posts by figurehead Q may be written by more than one person What drives belief in conspiracy theories, a lack of religion or too much?
Why some QAnon believers think JFK Jr is still alive – and about to become vice president Mercy Hospital protest draws crowd of 50, spreads vaccine misinformation and QAnon conspiracy
Revealed: the people who signed up to the Magacoin Trump cryptocurrency MAGA World’s ‘Freedom Phone’ Actually Budget Chinese Phone

As QAnon Strains Relationships, Loved Ones Try to Show a Way Out QAnon fanatics are rebranding their ‘secret war.’ And it could work.
GOP Could Retake the House in 2022 Just by Gerrymandering Four Southern States Shunned by G.O.P., Cheney and Kinzinger Seek Answers on Jan. 6 Riot
‘America is not racist’ becomes a GOP 2024 mantra Florida leads nation in QAnon-identified candidates, most considered longshots

Mo Brooks Tells Conservatives To ‘Fight’ And ‘Sacrifice’ Like Revolutionary War Soldiers Trump Gave Capitol Rioters The Language To Defend The Insurrection And Deny Reality
The real reason Trump keeps telling the Big Lie Trump supporter sentenced to eight months in prison for role in Capitol riot
Donald Trump’s latest dangerous vaccine pronouncement Why Does the QAnon Conspiracy Thrive Despite All its Unfulfilled Prophecies?

The Capitol Assault Investigation Should Include Big Tech’s Role Gettr, the latest pro-Trump social network, is already a mess
QAnon moves from pro-Trump rallies to local schools The QAnon Movement Isn’t Dead. From What I Saw in Dallas, It’s Just Evolving
Trumpworld wants distance from QAnon even as the ex-president winks at it Who’s the Top MAGA Influencer Six Months After Trump Social Media Ban? A Newsweek Ranking

Malcolm Nance: We are in a neo-fascist era in American politics This QAnon-Baiting Trump Ally Wants to Run Texas
Christianism: The Elephant in the Extremism Room Our best hope is to press social media fact-checkers to more aggressively call out dangerous lies
Trump Just Got Even Cozier With QAnon Wearing a Star of David, another lawmaker compares coronavirus measures to the Holocaust

Biden’s pro-LGBTQ stance comes with a surge of anti-LGBTQ misinformation Right-wing Extremism Has Been Taking Root In Rural Kansas For Decades
Far-Right Extremist Finds an Ally in an Arizona Congressman Meet the Anti-MAGA Trolls
We knew QAnon is anti-Semitic. Now we know it’s racist, too How January 6 Will Be Remembered by Trump’s Supporters

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