Some Religions Need Persecution

Yes….I’m mainly talking about Evangelical Christianity.

I’m not one who likes to poke and prod other peoples’ spiritual beliefs but when it concerns hatred towards others, Evangelical Christianity takes the cake, and in no way do I see it as spiritual. Yes, we can talk about the different levels of prosecution found in the majority of all world religions to various degrees but what I’m focusing on are those people within a particular denomination that do not embody the teaching of their own religious teachings….

Ms. Betty Bowers, Americas Best Christian has been at the top of my favorite vids to watch when it comes to pointing out the hypocrisy found in Christiandom.

The creator of Ms. Betty Bowers, Andrew Bradley, noted in an interview with the Freedom From Religion Foundation (link- on how Christianity, especially Evangelical Christianity, is “imminently spoofable” due to the amount of hypocrisy within.

Bradley, through Ms. Bowers, is able to bring to light through sarcasm and humor, specific attributes that are related to the teachings of Christ and show how Evangelicals skewer specific teaching to fit their version of Biblical teachings.

Here are three of my favorite vids from Americans favorite Christian…

Is America A Christian Nation

Evangelicals Unmasked

Evangelicals Breaking up with Jesus

Another great channel is Seth Andrew’s and The Thinking Atheist.

Having been a former FOX News Christian, Seth has posted videos pointing out various hypocrisies posted by right-wingers as well as bringing on others expressing their opinions about their fallout from Christianity.

America is Not a Christian Nation

The Evangelical Election Meltdown

Power & Panic: The Last Days For Christian Nationalism

Other notable videos that show the ugly side of Christianity, or more accurately, that shows the ugly side of followers of Christ are below:

Evangelicals Freak Out – from Holy Koolaid

The Great Evangelical Double Down – from Holy Koolaid

Televangelists – from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

To end here is a pretty good rundown on
How Evangelicals Became Republicans by JJ McCullough

Now that I got that out of the way, one of my next writings will be about some of the good that comes from Christianity.

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