Krishnacore and Music of Devotion

Krishnacore: A sub-genre of punk and hardcore music that is influenced heavily on the teachings and traditions of the Hare Krishna movement, a spiritual practice within Hinduism that practices the devotion toward Divinity.

REPOST: Music has the ability to create the energy of transformation. Everyone has their own genre of taste when it comes to their music of choice. Below are some bands that bring together the heavier side of music with the love of devotion to God. These are in no particular order in relation to when the genre came to the collective consciousness.

CRO-MAGS – One of the first bands I heard back in the ’80s that was influenced by the Hare Krishna belief. Their first album, Age of Quarrel, is a take off of the Hindu Kali Yuga, the last of four yugas in the cycle of existence. Cro-Mags have had a sound ranging from Hardcore to a more Cross-over sound with elements of Thrash Metal in it as well.

BHAKTI – Band from Argentina with future members of ENQUIRER

SEEKERS OF THE TRUTH – Hardcore band out of France thats been around since ’88 and got their name from the Cro-Mags song of the same name. With their last release in 2015, Oldskull Revenge, they have a more faster New York feel in their music. The following is off their “Transcendence” mini-CD which came out in ’97

SHELTER: With over a dozen releases, Shelter and frontman Ray Cappo were one of the pioneers in this style of music that formed in the late ’80s and early ’90s Their last album, Eternal, highlighted their pop-Punk style.

BHIMAL – Polish Hare Krishna influenced band formed in 2006. Female fronted that includes melodic and harsh vocals. “Decieved” album came out in 2007

108 – Another great New York band that’s been around for awhile. Taking their name from the 108 beaded mala, which are used in prayer, chanting and meditation.

SAFE – From Italy SAFE has been around since 2003 and play a more Pop/Alternative Rock form of Hardcore.

REFUSE TO FALL – Coming out of Houston, TX REFUSE TO FALL released three albums with their first release, “Soulfire” being the most prominent as being aligned to Krishna Consciousness. The following two maintained a spiritual and introspective tone.

CAUSE FOR ALARM – Another great NYHC band that came about in the height of the merging of these two scenes.

OMKARA – Polish Punk/Hardcore band that formed in 1998

ENQUIRER – Formed in the ’90 this band comes from Argentina and has that 108 feel

FOOSE – Formed in 2003, front man Don Foose has his foot in various bands as well as following in the footsteps of Cro-Mags John Joseph, writing a book on healthy living.

TERROR ZONE – Another New York Hardcore band back in the day. Their album “Self Realization: A True Lesson in Hard Core” came out in ’96

INHERIT – Hardcore band out of London with their latest release in 2012, The Crushing Wheels of Samsara.

LIFELINE – Another band from the singer of Foose, Don Foose.

For further reading on other bands, information on Krishnacore and well as a shout out to those websites and pages that helped me compile this….

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