Consciousness News June 2021

News Links and Info on Religious and Spiritual Issues – Last Updated 30th of June 2021

Reconciling religion and race Pope sends letter praising priest who ministers to LGBTQ Catholics
Atheists, humanists sue over Mississippi’s license plates Epigenetics: The spirituality of genetics
God/Human Connection – Universal Knowledge Spiritual Self-Help Book Launched India values religious tolerance: Pew Research Centre Report

Size of proposed Hindu temple in Lyon draws questions on freedom of religion vs. land use Pew: What India’s Christians, Hindus, Muslims and More Think About Religion
‘Rebel Hearts’ film features defiant nuns ‘who stood up to the patriarchy of the Catholic Church’ Beware of Christianity without trials, spirituality

Pastor Greg Locke Says Biden Is ‘Demon-Possessed,’ Insists Trump Is ‘Legitimate President’ Spiritual, mystical, abstract: Understanding the beauty and radicalism of Swedish painter Hilma af Klint’s art
Self-righteous continue to disturb Christian community, pope says Processing Grief Through the Afro-Indigenous Spiritual Practices Hoodoo and Ifa
News 3 investigates how perpetrators use religion and spirituality as a form of abuse Israel’s first woman spiritual leader of Orthodox synagogue breaks ground

Guiding Light: Spirituality and the question of desire CAN A MATERIALIST CONSCIOUSNESS THEORY SURVIVE QUANTUM MECHANICS?
Is human consciousness creating reality? Some Scientists Believe the Universe Is Conscious
Spiritual but not religious TN CB-CID arrests self-styled spiritual guru Siva Shankar Baba in Delhi following sexual abuse complaints

I’m Higher Than Weed’ – Avelino Is UK Rap’s Conscious Guide Lakota spiritual leader, activist Leonard Crow Dog dies
The Temptation of Spiritual Whataboutism Transition from religious to spiritual among young people impacts Black culture

Kim Kardashian accused of cultural appropriation for wearing earrings with sacred Hindu symbol Trane of No-Thought: How Meditation Inspired Jazz Great John Coltrane
Alabama Overturns Ban of Yoga in Schools That Cited Hinduism Connection Here’s How Hinduism And The Japanese Religion Of Shintoism Are Very Similar
Vatican urges Buddhists, Christians to a culture of care and solidarityHow Is The GOP Adjusting To A Less Religious America?

Book shares spiritual secrets of Quran Sadhguru Engages in a Spiritual Conversation with Matthew McConaughey, Watch Here
Mental Health Liberation and Spirituality: Ex-Psychiatric Inmates Share Their Thoughts Repairing Generations of Trauma, One Lotus Flower at a Time
HAS THE PANDEMIC SPARKED A SPIRITUAL AWAKENING?CrossLink Publishing Releases New Spiritual Growth Book that Asks Readers, “Are You a Pretend Christian?”

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