Fish Daddy Glass and Top 5 Ways to Help You Get Inspired

fishdaddyFish Daddy Glass and Top 5 Ways to Help You Get Inspired

Fish Daddy Glass is the collaborated effort of “two guys looking to make great glass art” (aka Michael Fisher and Xavier Juarez) from the central Texas region. Saw these guys blowing glass a few days back at Art Haus@Pour Haus in New Braunfels (Between San Antonio and Austin) and was impressed by the quick items that were created, including glass pipes, necklace pieces and little animals.

Michael Fisher creating glass work. Photo by Two Stoned Birds

For photos on their creation you can check out their Facebook page, which includes video and contact info. You can also check out their Instagram page @fishdaddyglass.

Not only is creating glass pieces a prominent part of Michael’s life, a 10min video on their YouTube Channel, Fisher Concepts, was just released titled Top 5 Ways To Help You Get Inspired which deals mainly with artists and creators of various styles. Information includes living a life that inspires you, surrounding yourself with books, art, podcasts and those things you love and that can give you a creative kick into your own work. Pointing out how inspiration can bring about contemplation, which then brings about creativity shows the connection between what we see turns inward into what we think and feel, which then is put into what one is creating in their own fashion.

One of the last ways Michael points to, and he pointed it out so easily… “..just get your fucking ass out there and do it.” It has abit more flare than the Woody Allen quote he acknowledges, which is “Eighty percent of success is showing up” which, in all, is pushing yourself to do what you love and to create what you love. All else will follow soon enough. Video Below

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” – Pablo Picasso

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