The Physics of Consciousness

By: Jason Lincoln Jeffers

REPOST: Quantum physics posits that nothing really happens in the physical world unless a conscious mind observes it. In other words, consciousness must perceive what it creates in order for that creation be real. This theory can be corroborated in the dream world. When we dream, we create our dream and perceive our dream at the same time. We do it so seamlessly that we are unaware that we, are in fact, the dreamer.

Physicist Fred Wolf believes that the holographic principle of string theory explains the phenomena of lucid dreaming — where the dreamer awakens to the truth that he or she is dreaming and then continues to dream along. Wolf proposes that these dreams are visits to parallel realms. He also believes that the holographic model will eventually lead to the breakthrough of a “physics of consciousness” that will pioneer the exploration of other dimensions.

So what is consciousness anyway? Conventional scientists tell us that it is nothing more than electrical signals bouncing around in our brains. But new evidence suggests that there exists a global mind. In the Global Consciousness Project, random number generators placed around the world have tracked the minds of millions of individuals for the last 35 years.

The network of random number generators is designed to record and display any subtle, but direct effects of our collective consciousness reacting to global events. When uncommonly large numbers of people share an emotional experience, the random number generators consistently display more ordered, less random variations. The recording of these number anomalies are mathematically beyond chance.


The funeral ceremonies for Princess Diana and the international Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan, generated shared emotions and a consciousness coherence that resulted in an anomaly in what would otherwise be random data. On 9.11.01, the random number generators eerily recorded non-random, ordered numbers beginning at 4:00 a.m. EST and peaking at the time that the second plane collided into the Twin Towers. What was interesting is that the anomaly began five hours prior to the first airplane collision. It was as if the Global Mind somehow sensed that something very terrible was looming on the horizon. Clearly this proves that human consciousness does not just react to major events but it is an inextricable part of it.

I agree with Fred Wolf in that we will soon be giving birth to a physics of consciousness. Science and spirituality are simply two sides of the same coin. Science, psychology, biology, philosophy, art, and spirituality each have a common Source. The ancients were well aware of this esoteric truth.
About the Author
Jason Lincoln Jeffers is a Wellness Coach and Spiritual Life Coach who founded Sunlighten and co-founded Sunlight Day Spa; two holistic wellness companies dedicated to infrared radiant heat therapy, sound therapy, and massage therapy. His Wellness Coaching and Spiritual Life Coaching practice embraces infrared sauna purification, upper cervical care, and adhering to an alkaline-forming, nutrient-dense, anti-oxidant rich, ketogenic diet.

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