POETRY: “Death”

Death is the unknown happening.
Our journey, too short and unbeknownst.
All we leave behind is what others remember.
The good, the sorrowful, the pain.

As we age, we come to realize the follies of the past,
Knowing that it can’t be changed nor forgotten
We grow and learn for a better tomorrow.
Yet, there are those that can’t nor wish to.
All one can do is pray for them and wish them well along their journey in life, hoping, one day, they may see the same light that touched you, your soul; and move on as well.

You do not want the burdens of the soul to haunt you because you couldn’t accept redemption.
You do not want the memories you keep with you into old age to be filled with regrets and failures.

Accept the past, focus on the future but always, always live in the now.
Life is too short for ignorance, disenchantments and dreams not lived.

Mark G

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