Rock/Metal Spotify/Soundcloud Playlists

Here is my growing collection of Rock and Heavy Metal songs that I feel have a ‘spiritual/conscious’ edge to it. Music ranges from light Rock to Metalcore to Thrash/Death/Black Metal. Some are Christian artists, others Hindu, others, etc.Always adding to both. Enjoy…

POETRY: The Reenactment of the Soul

The Reenactment of the Soul

‘What beauty lies within the forgotten’

We enter this play with the spirit and furor that only an infant exuberates.
The role of a life time commences through the acts and scenes, the comedies and tragedies that create the passions of life.
Our roles are played to the tee, conscious and unconscious of what manifests.
When the final chapter unfolds the realization sets in, the curtain shall fall for evermore and your life, your role, will cease.
Yet, tomorrow another show will appear on the marquee, another role for you the actor to play.
How well will you play your part this time around?

THOUGHTS ON: May 21st, The End of the World, and Other Dates of Destruction

The day of Judgement has passed. All that believed are either questioning why it didn’t happened or are accepting it and moving forward. Some will believe that it is a testament of their faith in a higher power while other will feel cheated by something that they pray for and want. For the unbelievers, the majority shrugged it off as a mad-mans crazed prediction that came to pass with no hint of calamity, just as he did years prior. Others made them think and brought them closer to thinking deeper then they have though in a long time. Others, brushed it off as nothing, and went along with life as yet another day on planet earth. And I bet there were others, those that may be hearing about the end of the world scenario for the first time, questioning the hype, the fears, the silliness as well as the seriousness of it all.
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