Debunking The Debunkers – An Important Message On Media By Paul A Philips

debunkFor numerous years humankind has been subjected to an endless barrage of lies, cover-ups and suppression; getting stymied down the disinformation dirt road of the dark ages… been bamboozled into silence, coerced in obedience like lame and docile dogs, while those having been enlightened knowing the truth have found their lonely voices in the wind blown into oblivion…

There continues to be a world domination agenda carried out by a handful of very wealthy families (‘The 13 families’): These dynasties have over many generations controlled religions, the banks, all major corporations, political parties, the mass media and education system…

They operate with impunity while meeting up in various secret societies to discuss their ongoing plans for the world domination agenda. All this, with the help of their paid off associates, has enabled them to stitch up the human race.

However, I realise that through the internet, after hundreds and hundreds of years of deception spun from these elite bloodline families, the truth is at last getting into the hearts and minds of the people at large. Kudos to all those who have exposed the world domination agenda with their excellent websites, while my heart also goes out to anyone trying to bring in more humanity into an inhumane main world created by these ruling elite families and their associates.

Information wars

Understandably, the ruling elite and their associates don’t want the cover lifted, revealing who they are and their modus operandi. Indeed, if found out by the people at large then this would cause such a mass revolt their exposed secret agenda would rapidly fall down.

So, realising this possible threat they have employed agents to infiltrate and ultimately take over certain websites that have been regarded as key information sources to stop anything that exposes the ruling elite and their hidden motives. An example of this is Wikipedia. In retrospect, Wikipedia has had a good reputation for having an open and neutral point of view. However, in spite of this stand, it has been infiltrated by agents for the elite: The net effect is a website that has limited and biased information which serves to promote the hidden agenda and discredit anyone with ideas that go against it.

Whether it is in Wikipedia or any other website or media source there are certain recurring patterns in the disinformation campaign. To recognise these patterns or if you are unfamiliar with the nature of disinformation I suggest that you ask yourself:

*Does the information have hidden ulterior motive like that shown in those hoary old chestnuts: political, financial and power gain?

*Does it serve to invalidate or discredit anyone for thinking outside-of-box in the name of humanitarian benefit and therefore is he/she targeted because their work is perceived as a threat to undercutting the ruling elite’s corporate business?

*On the subject of invalidating or discrediting, ask yourself are disinformation agents at work here by attacking someone personally without ever really mentioning the ins and outs of their work?

*Continuing on from the above; is the discussion on their work limited and biased? Have key points from the originator been deliberately left out? If so, does the so-called discussion therefore sneakily serve as a platform to give the illusion that all aspects of the subject are covered and make it look as if the person or whole thing is a ‘crackpot idea..?’

*It must be noted that the above disinformation only works on people ignorant of the full picture or on those who have no real interest in fully inquiring into the subject discussed.

Above all, as I have been saying for sometime, just simply keep on questioning…

Debunking the debunkers

Overall, this article serves as a platform to encourage full enquiry and recognise disinformation with its transparently weak arguments and flawed logic. Don’t get played into the hands of those bent on deceiving you, learn how to debunk the debunkers.

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