Consciousness News July 2021

Consciousness News July 2021

News Links and Info on Religious and Spiritual Issues – Last Updated 31st of July 2021

What drives belief in conspiracy theories, a lack of religion or too much? New psychology research suggests that belief in pure evil can put blinders on people’s thinking
The divine Dante Are New Iranian Criminal Laws Curtailing Freedom Of Religion Or Belief?
Whakapapa: how Māori belief is helping England find team spirit Three People Believing They Were Jesus Were Once Brought Together For A Very Unethical Experiment

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Hip-Hop and Consciousness

Hip-Hop and Consciousness


Hip-Hop speaks about the struggles and issues within a given community, as well as the expression of accomplishments in life. For many it is a representation of their world and their vision of reality.

Below are a variety of Hip-Hop artists that infuse the plight, as well as the powers, in their lives to express humanity with positive vibes.

Caught this guy both times in Houston at For The Community. Great Spoken Word Hip-Hop artist out of Austin.

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Consciousness News June 2021

Consciousness News June 2021

News Links and Info on Religious and Spiritual Issues – Last Updated 30th of June 2021

Reconciling religion and race Pope sends letter praising priest who ministers to LGBTQ Catholics
Atheists, humanists sue over Mississippi’s license plates Epigenetics: The spirituality of genetics
God/Human Connection – Universal Knowledge Spiritual Self-Help Book Launched India values religious tolerance: Pew Research Centre Report

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The Physics of Consciousness

The Physics of Consciousness

By: Jason Lincoln Jeffers

REPOST: Quantum physics posits that nothing really happens in the physical world unless a conscious mind observes it. In other words, consciousness must perceive what it creates in order for that creation be real. This theory can be corroborated in the dream world. When we dream, we create our dream and perceive our dream at the same time. We do it so seamlessly that we are unaware that we, are in fact, the dreamer.

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MUSIC: Ten artists/bands that create music with insight and meaning in their music

Couldn’t wait till Sat……..

In this first YouTube post we will include ten artists, ranging from Ambient-World music, Reggae, Rock and Metal, that creates music that has meaning and insight in one form or another.

This and following music posts will include music from a variety of genres including New Age, Trance, Alternative, World, Hip-Hop, Techno, Rock, Heavy Metal and more. Video below….

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