MUSIC: Ten artists/bands that create music with insight and meaning in their music

Couldn’t wait till Sat……..

In this first YouTube post we will include ten artists, ranging from Ambient-World music, Reggae, Rock and Metal, that creates music that has meaning and insight in one form or another.

This and following music posts will include music from a variety of genres including New Age, Trance, Alternative, World, Hip-Hop, Techno, Rock, Heavy Metal and more. Video below….

The subject matter within their music is open to interpretation yet will focus on items that are deemed meaningful and are conscious in one form or another. Some music is ambient, light and soothing while others may be harsh, aggressive yet their lyrics have meaning behind them.

All of our music video compilations will start with the lighter music and graduate to the heavier stuff. Each artist we feature we include information about them as well as contact info. With the heavier music, lyrics will be provided to help the listener understand where the band maybe coming from.

Post #1
1. EPHEMERAL MIST – “Sacred Geometries” (Downtempo Electronica/World Fusion)
2. DYNASTY ELECTRIC – “Eye Wide Open” (Electro-Pop/Psychedelic Rock)
3. LA LA LEI/PRINCE BRUCE – “Who I Am” (House/Electronic Dance)
4. INLAKESH – “Dwelling Place of the Radiant Mind” (World/Didjeridoo/Ambient New Age)
5. SMITA – “Om Namah Shivaya” (Hindu Devotional Pop/Rock)
6. CYBERTRIBE – “Voices (From a Distant Planet)” (World/Trance/Didjeridoo)
7. REBELUTION – “Meant to Be” (Reggae/Rock/World)
8. ALCEST – “Les Voyages DeL’Ame” (Shoegaze/Black Metal)
9. TIMES OF GRACE – “Where the Spirit Leads Me” (Melodic Metalcore)
10. AFFIANCE – “Kings of Deceit” (Metalcore)

All music, videos and images are respectfully the property of each artist. If you enjoyed any of the musicians please let them know and support them, each deserves recognition.

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