BAND: Dynasty Electric
GENRE: Electro-Pop/ Psychedelic Rock

Dynasty Electric consists of vocalist Jenny Electrik and Seth Misterka on instruments. Formed in Brooklyn, New York, their style consists of Electro-Pop and Psychedelic Rock.

Discography consists of Burning Box (2005), Golden Arrows (2011), self titled release (2012), and a few EPs.

Their new album, “Euphoria” was release Nov. 2013 on NewSonic (Frenchkiss Label Group).

Since then they have done the CNN 2013 Showcase in New York, played the Tinderbox Music Festival, Marion Institute’s Connection for Change conference, the Unicorn Meat’s Surreal celebration opening for Moby.

Dynasty Electric Website
Sound Cloud
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MUSIC: Ten artists/bands that create music with insight and meaning in their music

Couldn’t wait till Sat……..

In this first YouTube post we will include ten artists, ranging from Ambient-World music, Reggae, Rock and Metal, that creates music that has meaning and insight in one form or another.

This and following music posts will include music from a variety of genres including New Age, Trance, Alternative, World, Hip-Hop, Techno, Rock, Heavy Metal and more. Video below….

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