FILM REVIEW: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (2011)

A very informative look behind, and in front, of what goes into product placement and brand marketing. Film director Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) brings together, from start to finish, a film that looks into advertisement and marketing where the movie itself is funded by sponsors advertising and marketing their brands. Morgan goes to various companies, documenting the whole way through, the process to get funding for their film and shows the hits and misses in his quest. Morgan talks from everyone in the industry, from advertisment agencies, psychoanalysts, lawyers, movie directors, musicians and others in showing how all have their part in bringing advertisement to the consumer.

What’s fun and interesting about this documentary is the ‘commercials’ placed within the documentary from his sponsors, a cleaver and well rounded view on how Morgan spins his sponsors into the fabric of his film. For instance, POM, the 100% pomagranate juice drink; Morgan brings to the table his ideas about how POM would be used in the film, which from then on out, POM is the only drink seen in the film, having blurred out other drink companies and how his commercial shows the health benefits from drinking POM. Heck, it even made me want to go out and drink POM! Other commercials, The Hyatt Hotel, Mane & Tail and jetBlue are creative and fun and enjoyable to watch.

Other aspects of this film that are interesting is seeing the ins and outs of how business and how advertisment works, from various aspects. This is the hour and a half video version of Cliff Notes for Marketing 101. From a personal aspect this is a good intro into building a business and using marketing and advertisment to reach a potential market. For more information on the movie:

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