Wellness News July 2021

Wellness News July 2021

News Links and Info on Wellness and Mental Health Issues– Last Updated 31st of July 2021

Announcing a New Plan for Solving the Mystery of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena CAROLINE BURCKLE DISCUSSES MENTAL HEALTH AND WELL-BEING FOR OLYMPIC ATHLETES
Mental health is front and center in news stories from Tokyo to Washington Farmers Focus on Mental Health
Start the conversation about mental health with your employees today Mental health memes are everywhere – can they offer more than comic relief?

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Wellness News June 2021

Wellness News June 2021

News Links and Info on Wellness and Mental Health Issues – Last Updated 30th of June 2021

Opinion: The Climate Emergency Calls for a New Approach to Mental Health Experts call for greater integration of mental health policies and workplace interventions
I Know What It’s Like to Have Your Sanity Questioned NFL’s Richard Sherman: It’s ‘time to address’ mental health
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Duality Vs. Polarity

Duality Vs. Polarity

by: James Renford Powell
REPOST: The one concept that above all others plagues human beings, and has done so for all of recorded history, is the concept of duality. It is a hidden enemy, created in wrong thought (relative consciousness), and fed by fear. It has divided the world of man and has been the instrument of more death and destruction than all the terms we commonly use to describe evil. And yet the people of the world, as a whole, continue trapped in the same belief pattern. What is this thing called “duality”? Virtually every Church and most of the religions of the world have propagated this idea in their doctrine. Why is it such a pervasive idea, and why has it attracted such a following?

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How You Can Become More Spiritual by Keith Ward

Spirituality has nothing to do with religion. However, many religions help you become more spiritual. If you choose a path of spirituality, you might not be a believer in any particular texts of the past but only hope to become a better person right now. While most religions refer to God or several Gods as existing in form elsewhere and watching over us, the spiritual person views God in everything and often doesn’t select a particular following but believes that all teachings that follow a path to goodness and righteousness can give the same benefit. The spiritual person worships from within his or her own heart.
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