How You Can Become More Spiritual by Keith Ward

Spirituality has nothing to do with religion. However, many religions help you become more spiritual. If you choose a path of spirituality, you might not be a believer in any particular texts of the past but only hope to become a better person right now. While most religions refer to God or several Gods as existing in form elsewhere and watching over us, the spiritual person views God in everything and often doesn’t select a particular following but believes that all teachings that follow a path to goodness and righteousness can give the same benefit. The spiritual person worships from within his or her own heart.

While there is a difference in the approach, many people are spiritual and yet follow an orthodox religion. They don t have to be separate issues. It s a matter of how you carry your values and beliefs. If you follow a religion with your heart rather than simply give it lip service and a weekly donation, you re probably spiritual too.

One of the first steps in becoming spiritual is to quit judging people, including you. This doesn t mean that you don t take precautions to prevent another from harming you. Walking in a dark alley alone in a bad neighborhood and waving money isn t bright, no matter how spiritual you are. While your belief in the basic goodness of others can protect you, you actions can also become a temptation for others not quite as spiritual as yourself.

Judging others for their past actions or continuously flogging yourself for yours is useless and doesn t allow you to live in the moment. The enjoyment of the here and now is part of spirituality. Forgive others and yourself for past transgressions but learn from them and avoid making the same mistakes. You use way too much time judging yourself and others in your mind. Simply enjoy the moment.

Be honest. Being honest doesn t require that you hurt other people s feelings. If you believe a remark might hurt another, don t say it. However, don t lie and tell someone that he or she looks magnificent when the person doesn t. If you re still in a location where the person can make adjustments, you ll do them a favor by noting the spot on the shirt. If you re out and someone asks how he or she looks, tell the person something honest but good. For instance, the color is wonderful or you like the new haircut.

Telling the truth, even when you ve done something you think will get you into trouble, is the best route. Always being truthful does two things. The first is to relieve your mind of the worry of someone discovering your secret. They say that a coward dies a thousand deaths but a brave man dies but one. Always be honest for your own mental health. The second reason for honesty has to do with deterring behavior you ll regret later. If you know you ll have to tell someone about it, if discovered, you ll probably live within your belief system.

Honesty always leads to trust from those around you. With trust as a basis for your relationships, you ll find that your life takes on new richer dimensions that you only imagined were possible before. Once others know you for your honesty and trustworthiness, people will drop their guard and you ll make true connections with others.

Author Resource:-> Keith Ward is the Founder and Director of the Circle of Professional Clairvoyants, which offers Psychic Readings with fully qualified Psychics and Senior UK Clairvoyants:

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