Fringe News August 2021 – Qanon Edition

Fringe News August 2021 – Qanon Edition

News Links & Info on Qanon, Right Wing Extremists & Conspiracies – Last Updated 9/29/21

Fox News ignores a DC bomb threat inspired by right-wing conspiracy theory culture Right-wing media pushes animal dewormer as COVID treatment
In Australia, the Far Right Is Pushing COVID-19 Conspiracies The Right-Wingers Who Admire the Taliban
From white evangelicals to QAnon believers, who’s most likely to refuse COVID vaccine? What governments can do about QAnon believers

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Some Religions Need Persecution

Yes….I’m mainly talking about Evangelical Christianity.

I’m not one who likes to poke and prod other peoples’ spiritual beliefs but when it concerns hatred towards others, Evangelical Christianity takes the cake, and in no way do I see it as spiritual. Yes, we can talk about the different levels of prosecution found in the majority of all world religions to various degrees but what I’m focusing on are those people within a particular denomination that do not embody the teaching of their own religious teachings….

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