Great Ways That Religion Can Benefit Your Health by Frank Constanza

By: Frank Costanza

There have been many claims and studies saying that religion benefit’s the health of a person. Before revealing what those benefits are, let us know first what religion is. According to Cicero, religion came from the word ‘relegare’ which means to go through again and read again. ‘Re’ means again while ‘legere’ means read. However, the modern writers and ancient writers linked the word religion to ‘religare’ which means to bind fast or unite. Taking it from the word origins, religion means binding oneself or meeting the ultimate creator, God.

Many doctors believe that health does not just mean the physical body alone, but also involves the mind and spirit. There have been numerous studies suggesting that religious people recover better, have longer life and are less likely to be depressed. Since religion involves a belief that someone divine provides things for people, a person who belongs to a religion tends to believe he will get healed when sick and he will survive when challenged. Religion benefits the mental health in a way that it improves the mental well-being of a person. Experts say that if you truly believe in your faith, then what you prayed for will most likely come true. There were also cases that a person’s belief helped him fight a disease and get well again which they call the psychological effect in a person.

Religion benefits relationship as well. Since it involves mingling with other people, religion enhances one’s social aspect and this gives a person so many positive effects. Studies show that when a person eats with friends, he is most likely to feel full and contented. Encouragement from friends also helps a patient get well or a depressed person feel better. Physical contacts like hugs can also aid in healing a person. Physical contacts stimulate the nerves of the body sending signals to the brain; then the brain produces serotonin, the body’s natural anti-depressant and also called the ‘happy hormone.’

Other religion benefits for one’s health involve behaviors like good diet and refraining from alcohol and cigarette. People who are surrounded by a religious community also have positive image of oneself, sense of purpose and growth. Religion benefits the lonely people, too. When people lost a loved one or experience misery, they realize some situations are out of their hands and that they have to trust the Lord. Also, religion gives consolation and comfort to those in need making a person stronger in continuing life.

Religion is also life changing. How many criminals have turned back on their past and embraced God? Religion also shapes artistry and creativity through prayer and music. Participating in choirs and other events enhances a person’s skills.

Religion is not just a congregation that performs rituals or ceremonies regularly but also a relationship and community where people give and take, forgive and love, share and grow. If you belong to a religion, you may want to get yourself immersed and involved to it because of the many and sometimes unexplainable benefits of it to your health and life.

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