Quick Finds: Emerald Rose – Celtic Pagan Folk Rock

Someone contacted me on Facebook about this band from Georgia that plays Celtic Folk Rock called EMERALD ROSE, so I decided to go to their website and checked out some of the videos posted on YouTube. Thanks Brian W. for the heads-up.

EMERALD ROSE have been around for 20 years and have been blending their spirited mix of Pagan/Wiccan humor as well as traditional Celtic styles throughout their music for years now. The first song I heard was a homage to the Goddess’ throughout the world called “Freya, Shakti” which reminded me in parts of Inkubus Sukkubus’ “Goddess Chant” in a way. The second track was a humorous track called, “Santa Claus is Pagan Too” which hits it on the nail with a cheerful and happy-go-lucky- feel in their music. Same too with “Pagan Girl” which has some funny lyrics as well. I’m not sure what to make of “Vulcan Rubdown” which has some take on the whole Star Trek thing. the even cover evolution in “We Come From Monkeys” track.

From what I can gather their last release was “That Night in the Garden” in 2009. They have headlined for the Lord of the Rings Oscar parties in ’03 and ’04 and have played Celtic festivals and Sci-fi/fantasy conventions throughout the US and played in Ireland as well. Playing a mixture of Folk and Rock, Emerald Rose seems to keep their music on the uplifting side of things in life. Of course they have to, who ever hears of Irish/Celtic music bringing you down. Bring the mead and bring a smile.

For more information: Website – Facebook

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