Review: Ayla Nereo – “BeHeld” CD 2012

I first came about knowing of Ayla’s music when I was checking out, a website that helps people raise money for their cause, whether it be an artsy project (film, music, art, etc), business endeavors, or medical issues; Ayla campaign funding was for this album and I decided to donate because of two songs I found on her YouTube Page (AylaNereo), “It’s Okay” and “Asalam Shalom.” Both songs, as well as the rest of her music, bring a beautiful airiness rich with uplifting lyrics and down-to-earth resonance that gives meaning in life. Continue reading “Review: Ayla Nereo – “BeHeld” CD 2012″

Quick Finds: Emerald Rose – Celtic Pagan Folk Rock

Someone contacted me on Facebook about this band from Georgia that plays Celtic Folk Rock called EMERALD ROSE, so I decided to go to their website and checked out some of the videos posted on YouTube. Thanks Brian W. for the heads-up. Continue reading “Quick Finds: Emerald Rose – Celtic Pagan Folk Rock”