Quick Find: Matisyahu – Jewish Reggae/Rock

photo by Mark Mann

Was roaming through some Facebook friends pages and found this Jewish Reggae/Rock artist by the name of Matisyahu. One of the first songs I heard from him was “Youth” which was released in 2006 off the album of the same name. (Video is below) Found that the music and the lyrics were very uplifting and inspirational so I decided to look further into more of his music.

Most of Matisyahu’s music is Reggae with Rock/Hip-Hop/Pop infused through his music. He just released a new live CD back in Feb ’11 called “Live at Stubbs II” which was recorded in Austin in ’10 . Matisyahu will be touring through the US starting mid June and ending in Sept. Lyrics range from his Hasidic teachings as well as other spiritual connections in life. Over the years he has collaborated with R&B/Hip-Hop artist Akon, Christian Rock band P.O.D. and others. A few of his other videos are located below.

For more info: WebsiteFacebookYoutube

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