Quick Finds: SPIRAL DANCE – Pagan Alternative Folk Rock

links: WebsiteFacebookReverbNation


REPOST: Found this Pagan Folk band from Adelaide, Australia through their facebook page and really loved not only the beautiful voice of singer Adrienne Piggott but the eclectic blend of electric instruments (drums and guitar) as well as other instruments such as the fiddle, accordion and tribal drums. They bring together the Folk sound and feel of traditional songs as well as a more modern electric light Rock feel on others.


They have links of their songs on their Facebook and ReverbNation sites where you can get a glimps of their sound. Their musical focus is on the concepts of magic, myth and legend. Fave tracks from the clips include “Goddess and the Weaver”, “Holly Lord”, and “Magick” which seems to have a bit more Rock feel through it.

The band has been together since 1992 and have released seven albums including a live album called “Worts ‘n’ All.” Their most recent CD, “Through a Sylvan Doorway” was released on 15th July 2012. They have a new track released in August 2014 called “Wickerman” which is inspired by their annual English Ale Festival. You can listen and buy the song at their Bandcamp Page. If your into Pagan Folk music this may be a good band you may want to check out.

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