FILM REVIEW: “Inside Job” Documentary (2010)


REPOST: When it comes to banking and the economy I am pretty much an idiot. When the economic crisis happened back in 2008 as well as how it occurred, I was a bit clueless on what happened and how it happened. “Inside Job” is a well put together documentary going step by step in getting the layman, such as I, in understanding what happened with the Markets and how millions of people and billions of dollars virtually disappeared because of the actions of a few bankers and politicians.

With the world stock markets and a recession beginning to roll, and millions of people loosing their jobs around the world, this documentary by filmmaker Charles Ferguson lays out how the domino effect happened and how executives and chairmen pocketed millions of dollars while people became homeless and lost their jobs. Charles, if he is the one who is doing the interviews, does a wonderful job in asking questions to a variety of bankers, politicians, economists, etc. Some of the answers by some of these people are almost mouth dropping in how they seem not to either care or wish to remain ignorant in the facts presented to them.

It’s crazy that some of these people that have caused this to happen are still in positions of power, not only in the banking industries, the colleges but also in the government. I hope that many people that ever questioned ‘what went wrong?’ will see this and get a better understanding in what happened and move in a direction to do something constructive in getting more people to open their eyes as well as work at bringing change before it’s too late.

Narrated by actor Matt Damon and runs a bit over a hour and 45min.
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