Consciousness News June 2021

News Links and Info on Religious and Spiritual Issues – June 2021

Kim Kardashian accused of cultural appropriation for wearing earrings with sacred Hindu symbol Trane of No-Thought: How Meditation Inspired Jazz Great John Coltrane
Alabama Overturns Ban of Yoga in Schools That Cited Hinduism Connection Here’s How Hinduism And The Japanese Religion Of Shintoism Are Very Similar
Vatican urges Buddhists, Christians to a culture of care and solidarityHow Is The GOP Adjusting To A Less Religious America?

Book shares spiritual secrets of Quran Sadhguru Engages in a Spiritual Conversation with Matthew McConaughey, Watch Here
Mental Health Liberation and Spirituality: Ex-Psychiatric Inmates Share Their Thoughts Repairing Generations of Trauma, One Lotus Flower at a Time
HAS THE PANDEMIC SPARKED A SPIRITUAL AWAKENING?CrossLink Publishing Releases New Spiritual Growth Book that Asks Readers, “Are You a Pretend Christian?”

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