Playlist 001(Soundcloud) 09/01/15

MUSIC: KUCKA – Divinity (Mazda Remix)image
Soothing and dreamy Trip-Hop vocals over a chill and Ambient soundtrack.

MUSIC: XYLO – Afterlifeimage soothing track with another female artist. Very catchy and you’ll be singing along soon after hearing it.

PODCAST: HERE AND NOW Episode 79image
Interview with Danny Goleman on his book with H.H. the Dalai Lama called “A Force For Good”

MUSIC: TRUTHSEEKAH – Back to That Lifeimage Rap Artist throwing out some esoteric rhymes that are deep and meaningful.

MUSIC: SACR3D – Gayatri Mantraimage ancient sacred mantras with modern day Hip-Hop. Very smooth and enlightening.

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