Film Review – I, ORIGINS Movie (2014)

ioriginsmovieA beautiful, poetic envision of life. Of love. Views of what we seek in the infinite. A scientist and a free spirit find each of at a party and hook-up only to lose each other. After seeking to find the woman of that night and after following the signs that are presented to him, specifically the reoccurring number 11, fate leads him to find her, specifically again, when he looks in a window that has an infinity symbol drawn on it, and sees her reflection. This brings them together and the harmonious flight of love takes shape.

Yet, while the girl is connected to the elements of the spirit and the boy that of reason and scientific inquiry they both connect and are bound by the infinite love of the universe. Yet, by that same fate, both are at odds over the others beliefs and a slow rip in the fabric of their lives takes place, only to be torn thoroughly by the sudden death of the girl.

Years later, the boy and his new wife have a child and a biometric iris scan is used on the newborn. Since everyone has a unique signature of their eye, just like a finger print, the database should come up empty yet it brings up a name of a man in his 60’s. Leading to belief its a flaw in the system they go about their lives until a doctor contacts them and wants to run tests on the child. From the experiments the new parents understand that their is a connections between the child and the old man. Further inquiry leads them to put in more iris scans to see if they match with others, which leads to them putting in the girl from his past. In this they find a match with a scan from young girl in India. Following through, the boy seeks the eyes that use to be of his first beloved.

A movie that bridges science and the spirit. Between faith and superstition. A beautiful movie by any means. A delightful sense of possible transmigration, a view of a life arising from anothers death.

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