Consciousness News June 2019

Nevada Becomes First State to Ban Employers From Testing Workers for Weed Podcast highlights religious liberty and social justice through Adventist lens
Vatican calls for religious freedom amidst competing strains of secularism and fundamentalism Wiccan professor sues St. Bonaventure for discrimination
London conference focuses on Magickal Women Hong Kong interreligious group meets Pope Francis
From Basketball to Buddhism and BeachesJake Gyllenhaal talks Netflix, Spider-Man, Buddhism and the Marvel Universe
Waco, Texas mosque gets hate mail with ironic stamp in response to interfaith dinner Christian Evangelism and The Joshua Project: An existential threat to Hinduism

I Was Left Behind

by Connie H. Deutsch

May 21, 2011, 5:55 PM, I looked at my clocks and synchronized them in preparation for the Rapture. At 6:05 PM, I looked at my synchronized clocks and decided that the Rapture must have come and gone, leaving me behind, because I was still here.
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