JAYA LAKSHMI and ANANDA – “This is the Day”

JAYA LAKSHMI and ANANDA – “This is the Day”

Two other versions of this song are below lyrics

LYRICS: Now is the time
When I let go of my fears, inhibitions, and sense of dread
When I give up control and let you hold me
With no resistance in my soul

This is the day when I throw it all away
Into the fire of the all loving one
Now I have just what I need
To be free to feel who I really am

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Conscious/Spiritual Music – AMBIENT/LIGHT – Jan-April 2019

Here is a new list of Ambient, Light Music that I feel have a spiritual/conscious feel throughout.

LOST AT LAST – Shalom Asalaam(A Call for Peace)
LIQUID BLOOM – Ecstatic Grounding
JAYA LAKSHMI and ANANDA – This is the Day
MICKI FREE – My Heart is Crying
SIMRIT KAUR – Mul Mantra
ASURA – Le Dernier Voyage
JAH CURE – Nothing Is Impossible
MATISYAHU – King Without a Crown

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bliss-goddess-logoFrom their Facebook Page:
Bliss Goddess music, visual art and temple dance is an alchemy of the ancient, future and eternal present. As sonic shamans, they blend live instruments and ethnic percussion with remixes of the hottest tracks from the best tribal dub and world electronic dance music artists. The music is brought to your eyes by projected visionary art and sacred geometry, while radiant Temple Dancers invoke and embody the Divine Feminine, leading the listener/dancer on a journey across exotic, lush landscapes.


I first discovered BLISS GODDESS earlier this year while doing a Soundcloud search for artists and bands that relate to spirituality in one form or another. I found a live recording of their Jan. 29th show in Austin earlier this year. Continue reading “MUSIC – BLISS GODDESS”

New Music Video Collection Up

New Music Video Collection up featuring five bands/musicians.

Music ranges from Ambient/Trance to beautiful Mantras, Native American Pop to Crystal Singing Bowls.

GOVINDA – Truth About Humans 0:00
DEVA PREMAL – Om Mani Padme Hum 3:15
LOST AT LAST – Shalom Asalaam 12:35
JANA MASHONEE – The Enlightened Time 17:05

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CD Review: Dean Evenson – “Relaxation Zone” 2012 (Soundings of the Planet)

New Age musician and composer Dean Evenson takes his relaxation music in new directions in his newest release, Relaxation Zone. For this newest endevour Evnson puts down his flute, which has been a staple of his sound for well over 30 years and composes piano and keys for this album that still resonates with ambient healing and relaxing melodies. Music from start to finish, 64min run time with ten tracks, is very soothing, ambient, and lives up to the name of the CD, music that brings you to that stillness within, that relaxation zone where you find peace and love.
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