Fringe News June 2021 – Qanon Edition

News Links & Info on Qanon, Right Wing Extremists & Conspiracies – Last Updated 30th of June 2021

MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell says ‘cyber guys’ will make sure Trump is president by this fall during Tampa rally The founders anticipated — and feared — Trump’s ‘big lie’
US Capitol Riot Arrests Mount While Some Defendants Plead Out Fact check: Adam Schiff latest politician targeted in QAnon arrest hoax
Friends, family and ‘middle-aged white dudes’ blamed for spread of misinformation in NZ AZ Will Spend Millions to Replace Voting Machines Compromised by GOP “Audit”

Trump Supporter Warns CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan of Future ‘Civil War’ if Trump is Not Reinstated This Summer: ‘You Guys are Going Down’ Conspiracy theories are a mental health crisis
GOP investigation finds no Michigan vote fraud, deems many claims ‘ludicrous’ What is the Great Reset – and how did it get hijacked by conspiracy theories?
Oath Keeper pleads guilty in major Capitol riot conspiracy case QAnon believer accused of shooting paintball gun at Army Reserve in Pewaukee may take plea agreement

The Dead Man’s Switch Conspiracy is sparked by John McAfee’s ‘Q’ Instagram post. The road to the Jan. 6 insurrection goes back to Kansas — let’s reverse its course
A Trump-loving insurrectionist and a convicted stalker are among 36 QAnon supporters running for Congress in 2022 Conspiracy theories are a mental health crisis
How Trump Ally Michael Flynn Nurtured — And Profited From — the QAnon Conspiracy Theory Did the FBI Organize Capitol Riot? Analyzing Conspiracy Theory About January 6

Terrorism expert: Trump remains a major ‘national security’ threat to the United States Pastor Greg Locke Says Biden Is ‘Demon-Possessed,’ Insists Trump Is ‘Legitimate President’
Supporters of QAnon are enthralled by an OANN presenter’s call for mass executions in the United States. ‘QAnon shaman’ set to take competency exam in Colorado federal prison
Latest QAnon conspiracy: Derek Chauvin replaced by imposter at sentencing No, you have not been microchipped or magnetized by the vaccine

Unraveling the mystery behind the QAnon cult Unraveling the mystery behind the QAnon cult
Capitol insurrectionists are tired of BLM and Antifa getting credit for their work QAnons Are Harassing People at the Whim of a Woman They Say Is Canada’s Queen
His cybersecurity firm is working on the Arizona ‘audit’. But people who know him have questions Proud Boy Dominic Pezzola ‘not entertaining plea’ at this time, new attorneys say

CONTROVERSIAL FOUR CORNERS EPISODE ON QANON TO FINALLY AIR AFTER BEING DELAYED QAnon is spreading in churches. These pastors are trying to stop it
QAnon’s ‘Domino Theory’ Explained: Here’s The Bizarre Scenario That Has Trump Redeemed By The Arizona Audit—And Returning To The White House QAnon Believers Committed Nearly 80 Conspiracy-Motivated Crimes, Report Finds
America’s Satanic Panic Returns — This Time Through QAnon Poll: 15-20% of Americans believe in core QAnon conspiracy theories

These locally elected officials posted or openly supported QAnon conspiracy theories. Here’s what happened after they took office QAnon slogans disappearing from mainstream sites, say researchers
Fact check: Video falsely presents joke as confession to QAnon blood-harvesting conspiracy theory Court documents: Doug Jensen ‘languishing’ in jail, ‘feels deceived’ by QAnon

[COMMENTARY] Tom Cotton: Full-On QAnon Pennsylvania governor says Republican voting bill is based on ‘fringe conspiracy theories’
21 Republicans vote ‘no’ to awarding gold medal to police who defended Capitol on Jan. 6 QAnon Followers Are Likely Planning More Violence Against Lawmakers, Warns FBI

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