Quick Find: Sami Yusuf – Wherever You Are Video

REPOST: Found this video from British singer/songwriter Sami Yusuf, a Muslim multi-instrumentalist musician who’s released four album, the most recent being, Wherever You Are (2011), the title of this lyric-video. I love this song because its simple, moving and brings the point home, of loving Divinity in however way one may do so.

Yusuf has coined his music “Spiritique” which he says blends both the “oriental and occidental” sounds, underpinned by spirituality that “will utilize music as a facilitator for spiritual appreciation, regardless of race and religion.” I plan on checking out more of yusuf in the near future. In the mean time, check out his Website at www.samiyusufofficial.com and Facebook Page: facebook.com/SamiYusuf

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