Missing Texas Chiropractor and Strange Incidences of Holistic Practitioners


REPOST & UPDATE JUNE 18, 2021: Last article about Dr. Towery was updated last year June 11. Here is the news link…
Leads exhausted but hope remains for missing Victoria chiropractor.

Links to his website below are no longer available.
The Reddit Page with more info.
The Charley Project has further info.

UPDATE May 22, 2017: Dr. Towery’s vehicle was found Sunday May 7th and the only lead police have offered is that he was possibly last seen talking with someone on the rural road his truck was found.

I’ve heard throughout the years about different medical professions, who’ve dealt with “alternative” healing, in one shape or form, turning up dead or missings, but not until a story happened close to home did I become interested in delving into this further. Now, in no way am I connecting the missing of Dr. Towery to the 60+ other deaths and missing reports out of respect for all involved, this is just to bring awareness to both issues.

Now, some of these stories indicate that some of these were suicides, freak accidents, or natural causes. And in truth, they may all have a validation in this. There’s a lot going on that warrants some level of further analysis. Is there something there or just a tangent of conspiratorial quakery?

Here is links on the disappearance of Dr. Glenn Layne Towery in the local paper,
No new information in search for missing chiropractor Victoria Advocate 4/20/17 and
Search continues for missing Goliad chiropractor Victoria Advocate 4/26/17 as well as the first national headline on Health Nut News, which in turn is a website that has published a large amount of further information on missing doctors, Nationwide Search For Missing Holistic Doctor Continues. I haven’t seen much else besides a local news post and San Antonio news story. Here is the Goliad Sheriff Dept Media Release Statement on their facebook as well as other posts including a pic of his truck on April 21st and the first post on April 19, two days after being last seen. Other information pertaining to Dr. Towery can be seen on his website, facebook page, which hasnt been updated since Feb 9th. Dr. Towery did have some articles published in the Victoria Advocate website which are found on his website here and on the Victoria Advocate website query search. I also found a few personal pages of relatives that mention his disappearance awhile back but nothing as of late.

Now, as I said prior Im not wanting to relate this doctors disappearance to others, but here is information of at least 38 doctors who were chiropractors, acupuncturist and other ‘alternative’ medicine therapists who have went missing or dead. Below are a few podcasts and live speaking show that include Erin Elizabeth from HealthNutNews.com who has done extensive work on this topic. All these talk about the various issues coming up about these deaths as well as items relating to other related topics..

Now, there is also the other side in that these stories are nothing but hyperbole and that there are no serious relations between each of the doctors to one another. Here. True there may not be any evidence or ‘smoking gun’ in regards to these doctors and a possible motive for them to be killed. Yet, there also isn’t any evidence that doesn’t connect them in one form or fashion. That isnt for me to decide.

Dr Towery, wrote recently about how the ACP (American College of Physicians) “strongly discourages opioids, since research suggests these drugs are only modestly effective for back pain and carry serious risks, including overdose and addiction.” He wrote the discouragement of opioids a few months after the ACP released a guideline for treating low back pain with ‘non-drug therapies such as superficial heat, massage, acupuncture, or spinal manipulation.’ Now, we all know that the pharmaceutical industry is really big on pushing opioids (Morphine, Codeine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Methadone, Fentanyl, etc) and have been linked to an industry more worried about profit then curing and helping patients. Here, here and here. It’s funny to note that on the same day of the ACP release on the warning of opioids in the use of back pain, this article came out saying ACP uses quackery in their beliefs. So again, everyone has a side on the issue and pushes an agenda in one form or another, either for the uses of opioids or the use of healthier, non-addictive measures.

In related/unrelated news while writing this, I found that, almost a year to date, another Texas doctor, Dr. Curtis Clogston went missing for some weeks and was later found in his wrecked car. Here is news link as well as a YouTube posting of someone finding this suspicious.

Now, if you’ve read or seen some of the info there is something called GcMAF. GcMAF (wiki) is an immunomodulatory natural protein that some have claimed has antitumor properties and strengthens the immune system. Articles have been written (and here) about the possible link as well as those that discredit the claims (here). Now I don’t see the correlation between this and Towery but is an interesting note on those others that went missing.

Now, as mentioned I just wanted to point out the disappearance of Dr. Towery as well as other doctors and in no way do I wish to connect the two at this time. Yes, hundreds of people go missing each day and hundreds more die as well. All from various backgrounds and professions. Making connections and finding patterns can lead people to find a variety of correlations while others will see it in its simplest form. Whatever it may be, it’s interesting to look into on all levels.


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