Fringe News June 2021

News Links & Info on Unexplained & Conspiracies – June 2021

CONTROVERSIAL FOUR CORNERS EPISODE ON QANON TO FINALLY AIR AFTER BEING DELAYED QAnon is spreading in churches. These pastors are trying to stop it
QAnon’s ‘Domino Theory’ Explained: Here’s The Bizarre Scenario That Has Trump Redeemed By The Arizona Audit—And Returning To The White House QAnon Believers Committed Nearly 80 Conspiracy-Motivated Crimes, Report Finds
America’s Satanic Panic Returns — This Time Through QAnon Poll: 15-20% of Americans believe in core QAnon conspiracy theories
These locally elected officials posted or openly supported QAnon conspiracy theories. Here’s what happened after they took office QAnon slogans disappearing from mainstream sites, say researchers
Fact check: Video falsely presents joke as confession to QAnon blood-harvesting conspiracy theory Court documents: Doug Jensen ‘languishing’ in jail, ‘feels deceived’ by QAnon

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