Quick Find: Ayla Nereo

Light in spirit and carefree – those were the words I first thought of after listening to a few of singer/songwriter Ayla Nereo’s songs the past few days. I first found her through a fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo.com for her new album”BeHeld” (congrates on achieving your goal of $8,000!) and then following her on her facebook.com/ayla.nereo.music page.

With a Folk/Storytelling essence within her melancholic voice, Ayla sings of innocence, beauty and how life is going to be okay! On that note, below is a live performance of her song “It’s Okay” which will appear on her new album being released later this year. Also below is a beautiful song called “Asalam Shalom”. Along with a beautiful voice, which is accompanied by guitar, piano and other instruments in her songs, Ayla continues her expression of her music through filmaking for her own videos as well as her live projections while she performs.

I definitely will check out her new album when its released (yes, I donated to receive her album!) and review it soon enough. For more information aylanereo.com. For more of her music videos, YouTube Channel.

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