The Consciousness and Subconsciousness

Author: Enkeled Kanaj

The mind can be divided into two independent realms: the conscious and subconscious. The conscious and subconscious are two different spheres of activity within one mind. The conscious mind, or rational mind, is related to reasoning, logic, selectivity, comparison, analysis, learning and understanding. Our waking awareness is seated in the conscious mind, which uses the five physical senses to perceive the material world. The subconscious mind, as the name suggests, exists below the level of conscious awareness. The subconscious mind is the majority of the mind; the conscious mind, while the most evolved part of the brain, is only a very small portion of the total. The subconscious mind is extremely powerful, capable of processing many times more information than the rational mind. However, it is irrational, does not reason, and cannot differentiate between ideas such as good and evil, or positive and negative. The subconscious mind accepts whatever is impressed upon it. Phrased differently, the subconscious mind is habitual and behavioral.
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