How many posts will I do this year!?

So it’s been close to a year since I have written anything on my site, besides a few month back stating really nothing. COVID19, working and being in a relationship has cut my time in writing about things I find interesting.

So, a quick outline on this past year…

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I just set up the following accounts. In 2015 We will be setting up each site for specific things, including Sales Listings, Special offers, Freebies, etc. Please check us out and give us a shout. Thanks and Namaste’





About Along Your Path

UPDATE: 1-1-14
Along Your Path is an online and soon to be print publication (2015).

AYP Magazine main focus is the inner-connection between consciousness, health and healing, our living planet, as well as the entertainment that binds them all together. AYPzine will delve into various roads people walk along their path in life, reflected in spiritual and religious living, environmental and ecological support, and healthy ideas we all may need in our own walk of life.
Along the way articles and info pertaining to the ever changing world, for better or worse, will be included.

This publication and website will cover a variety of paths and teachings, interests and speculations. We hold no one over the other as we seek to information and help one along their path in life.

Thanks, Many Blessings, and Namaste’

Mark G./AYPzine