DOCUMENTARY: Run From the Cure: The Rick Simpson Story

Really good documentary about Rick Simpson who discovered that Hemp Oil cured a lot of illnesses and the trouble he got into in Canada.  Also includes the formula and method of making your own hemp oil.


BAND: Dynasty Electric
GENRE: Electro-Pop/ Psychedelic Rock

Dynasty Electric consists of vocalist Jenny Electrik and Seth Misterka on instruments. Formed in Brooklyn, New York, their style consists of Electro-Pop and Psychedelic Rock.

Discography consists of Burning Box (2005), Golden Arrows (2011), self titled release (2012), and a few EPs.

Their new album, “Euphoria” was release Nov. 2013 on NewSonic (Frenchkiss Label Group).

Since then they have done the CNN 2013 Showcase in New York, played the Tinderbox Music Festival, Marion Institute’s Connection for Change conference, the Unicorn Meat’s Surreal celebration opening for Moby.

Dynasty Electric Website
Sound Cloud
YouTube Channel


GENRE: Downtempo Electronically / World Music

Ephemeral Mists is composer Berry Branning who is known for The Synthetic Dream Foundation, a music collaboration of Goth, EBM, and Industrial styles of music.

Ephemeral Mists music is described as Downtempo Electronically and World Fusion, blending contempory electronics and ancient musical traditions and instruments of the Middle East.

Studying music since the age of four Berry has a masterful knowledge of ethnomusicology and has a bachelors degree in music composition.

Based out of Florida Brett also is involved in other projects besides SDF and Ephemeral Mist including DJ Puppeteer and Abandoned Toys.

Influences range from Delerium, Conjure One, Enya, Steve Roach, Dead Can Dance and more.

Moon Ritual ’09 (Mythical Records)
Illusions Blooming Softly ’12 (Mythical Records)
Odyssey of Rapture vol. 1 compilation (Mythical Records)
The Missing Element compilation (Altar Records)
Ethnoscapes compilation (Atmospheric Records)

POETRY: Learning the Art of Surrender

by Kip Mazuy
“If you want to learn surrender,
then the next time
you are caught out in the rain
without a raincoat or umbrella,
rather than run for shelter,
allow yourself to get wet.

You will be very aware
of the resistance to getting wet,
that instinctual urge
to run for shelter,
the sense of ‘me’
that wants to protect itself.

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MUSIC: Ten artists/bands that create music with insight and meaning in their music

Couldn’t wait till Sat……..

In this first YouTube post we will include ten artists, ranging from Ambient-World music, Reggae, Rock and Metal, that creates music that has meaning and insight in one form or another.

This and following music posts will include music from a variety of genres including New Age, Trance, Alternative, World, Hip-Hop, Techno, Rock, Heavy Metal and more. Video below….

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FILM REVIEW: Kumare’ – Film/Documentary (2012)

poster“Today I embrace illusion to find truth”
What is truth? What is illusion? This documentary/film explores the question of what is real and what is fake in understanding what a spiritual master is. Film maker Vikram Gandhi goes undercover as a Hindu guru to seek those answers and finds more about who he is as well as the reactions of his ‘followers’ when he unveils his true self.
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FILM REVIEW: “Inside Job” Documentary (2010)

insideWhen it comes to banking and the economy I am pretty much an idiot. When the economic crisis happened back in 2008 as well as how it occurred, I was a bit clueless on what happened and how it happened. “Inside Job” is a well put together documentary going step by step in getting the layman, such as I, in understanding what happened with the Markets and how millions of people and billions of dollars virtually disappeared because of the actions of a few bankers and politicians.

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Quick Find: “Floating Spirals” VA CD 2012 (Altar Records)


Altar Records Digital in collaboration with Vimana Records, Romania presents “Floating Spirals” VA.

This is the first compilation lovingly and carefully selected by E-Mantra that will lead you to track of light, surrounded by aural floating spirals, between two worlds ….

Ten deep and melodic amazing ambient tracks for you, lovers of the goachill/psychill genre …

1. HOTEP – A Stranger in the Fog 08:45
2. CABEIRI – The 5th Element 10:10
3. BLUE BLISS – Nexus 03:54
4. ARTIFACT303 – Creation 07:54
5. SUUFI ASTROLAB – Arcturus 08:48
6. PSYGONE – Surrender to the Source 08:56
7. REASONANDU – Undone Fragments 06:12
8. E-MANTRA – Kaleidoscope Clouds 06:46
9. DENSE – Remount 07:25
10. TENTURA – Rain of Light 07:16

Review: Ayla Nereo – “BeHeld” CD 2012

I first came about knowing of Ayla’s music when I was checking out, a website that helps people raise money for their cause, whether it be an artsy project (film, music, art, etc), business endeavors, or medical issues; Ayla campaign funding was for this album and I decided to donate because of two songs I found on her YouTube Page (AylaNereo), “It’s Okay” and “Asalam Shalom.” Both songs, as well as the rest of her music, bring a beautiful airiness rich with uplifting lyrics and down-to-earth resonance that gives meaning in life. Continue reading “Review: Ayla Nereo – “BeHeld” CD 2012″

Quick Finds: Black Thunder Singers

I found Black Thunder Singers through the NAMA (Native American Music Awards) website while strolling through their past winners. Black Thunder Singers won a 2011 NAMA for Best Pow Wow Recording Artist. Formed in 2001 Black Thunder are a Northern Tradition drumming group that sing the songs of the Black Hills and the Great Lakes regions. Continue reading “Quick Finds: Black Thunder Singers”

Quick Find: Sami Yusuf – Wherever You Are Video

Found this video from British singer/songwriter Sami Yusuf, a Muslim multi-instrumentalist musician who’s released four album, the most recent being, Wherever You Are (2011), the title of this lyric-video. I love this song because its simple, moving and brings the point home, of loving Divinity in however way one may do so.

Yusuf has coined his music “Spiritique” which he says blends both the “oriental and occidental” sounds, underpinned by spirituality that “will utilize music as a facilitator for spiritual appreciation, regardless of race and religion.” I plan on checking out more of yusuf in the near future. In the mean time, check out his Website at and Facebook Page:

Quick Find: Ayla Nereo

Light in spirit and carefree – those were the words I first thought of after listening to a few of singer/songwriter Ayla Nereo’s songs the past few days. I first found her through a fundraising campaign on for her new album”BeHeld” (congrates on achieving your goal of $8,000!) and then following her on her page. Continue reading “Quick Find: Ayla Nereo”

CD Review: Alcest – “Les Voyages De L’Ame” 2012 (Prophecy)

Genre: Post Black Metal/Shoegaze

Every now and then a CD comes along that beholds a sense of beauty, a vision of emotion, and a strong longing for greater thoughts to culminate and inspire one to create something within one’s own life and imagination. The first time I listened to Alcest’s “Les Voyages De L’Ame” CD all the way through I felt a need to work on the things that bring me joy and embrace the failures of the past and move past them. Yeah, you might say that’s hard to come by from a genre like Black Metal, where imagery of negative forces and hatred abound, but Alcest is more than heavy music, even so, only two or three out of the eight tracks are in that ‘heavy’ category. The rest of the music has a hauntingly, other world feel through out that leaves you wanting more from this band. At the moment the only band that comes to mind is Agalloch which had that haunting nihilistic feeling on their 2002 “The Mantle” CD, yet, Alcest’s music comes from the polar opposite with lyrics longing for the escape from this cold harsh world and the aspirations and loves of something more.
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CD Review: Dean Evenson – “Relaxation Zone” 2012 (Soundings of the Planet)

New Age musician and composer Dean Evenson takes his relaxation music in new directions in his newest release, Relaxation Zone. For this newest endevour Evnson puts down his flute, which has been a staple of his sound for well over 30 years and composes piano and keys for this album that still resonates with ambient healing and relaxing melodies. Music from start to finish, 64min run time with ten tracks, is very soothing, ambient, and lives up to the name of the CD, music that brings you to that stillness within, that relaxation zone where you find peace and love.
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A CULTIVATOR – Buddhist Hip-Hop

Bringing the Dharma to the Hip-Hop Community

In a world saturated with an abundance of musicians trying to make their mark in the music scene, whether it be in Rock, Metal, Country, Pop, Hip-Hop or whatever, few artists rise above with a positive message that brings peace and enlightenment as well as a realistic view of whats going on in the world around us, and even far less musicians bring about that message from a Buddhist viewpoint.
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Interview – Otep Shamaya

Musician, poet, animal rights and human and gay rights activist and soon to be Internet radio talk show host Otep Shamala spoke with Crossroads Music Magazine on the last leg of the Atavist Tour with fellow label mates Blackguard, Sister Sin and Destrophy as well as Austin, Texas band One-Eyed Doll while they played Theo’s Billiards in Corpus Christi the last day of June.

For the full in depth nterview be sure to check out the 50min mp3 that is available here ( In the audio version Otep talks about her passions in life, including animal and human rights issues, imigration issues, gay rights, documentaries that she finds of interest, politics, the difference between spirituality and religion, as well as other items that stand true in her heart.

More info: WebsiteFacebook Continue reading “Interview – Otep Shamaya”

Quick Find: Ahmed Bukhatir – Islamic Nasheed Singer

Another gem of a find is in the music of Islamic singer AHMED BUKHATIR. The first song I hear was an English nasheed* called “Forgive Me.” Even though the English isn’t very well put together the essence and the emotion is felt. The video for the song shows Ahmed coming in contact with various children, one with no leg, another with no sight, and one with no hearing. When he realizes these things his words, “Oh God, forgive me when I whine” A subtle and strong song about how we complain about things in life and when we come to the realization of other people’s suffering, we must humble our selfs about trivial things. Continue reading “Quick Find: Ahmed Bukhatir – Islamic Nasheed Singer”

Quick Find: Matisyahu – Jewish Reggae/Rock

photo by Mark Mann

Was roaming through some Facebook friends pages and found this Jewish Reggae/Rock artist by the name of Matisyahu. One of the first songs I heard from him was “Youth” which was released in 2006 off the album of the same name. (Video is below) Found that the music and the lyrics were very uplifting and inspirational so I decided to look further into more of his music. Continue reading “Quick Find: Matisyahu – Jewish Reggae/Rock”

Quick Finds: Litefoot – Native American Hip-Hop

Was roaming around YouTube looking up Native American artists and found LITEFOOT, probably the first Native American Hip-Hop artist I have heard of. Litefoot has been in the music scene for close to 20 years now but might be recognized best as Little Bear in the movie The Indian in the Cupboard as well as other movies including  Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Kull the Conqueror, Song Of Hiawatha and The Pearl as well as other movies and TV appearances.  Continue reading “Quick Finds: Litefoot – Native American Hip-Hop”

Interview w/ Prodigy of Mobb Deep ‘be aware with what the fu#K is going on’

Prodigy of Mobb Deep “Be Aware with What the F#$k is Going On” – 5/16/11 @ YouTubeChannel

Luke Rudkowski of talks to hip hop artist Prodigy of Mobb Deep about the Federal Reserve, presidential candidate Ron Paul, 9/11 Truth and more. Continue reading “Interview w/ Prodigy of Mobb Deep ‘be aware with what the fu#K is going on’”

Quick Finds: Sarit Hadad – “Shema Israel” Music Video – Israeli/Jewish Female Vocalist

Sarit Hadad – “Shema Israel” Music Video – Israeli/Jewish Female Vocalist 

Very beautiful and heartfelt music from Sarit Hadad. Sarit is a Israeli vocalist that has been performing and releasing albums for over 15 years. Her music incorporates traditional instruments as well as modern in her music and live shows. Continue reading “Quick Finds: Sarit Hadad – “Shema Israel” Music Video – Israeli/Jewish Female Vocalist”

Quick Finds: Times of Grace – “Where The Spirit Leads Me” Video Metal/Metalcore

TIMES OF GRACE – “Where the Spirit Leads Me” Music Video – Metal/Metalcore
This band has been on my radar for a few months now. The singer,  Adam Dutkiewicz, was the original singer for Killswitch Engage and I knew I was going to fall in love with this band. The first time I heard KE I fell in love with the lyrics, which touched on spirtuality in one aspect or another. When I heard that he started TOG I immediately found this song and then the album. Music is in the Metal/Metalcore genre and the lyrics, which are below, are meaningful and powerful. If there ever was a praise and worship song for someone into Metal this is it. The song is off their debut “The Hymn of a Broken Man” which was released Jan 2011. They have been touring the past year and are making their way back throughout the US later this fall. For more info:
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Quick Finds: Zion I & The Grouch – “Healing of the Nation” Music Video – Hip-Hop/Rap (5/11)

Zion I & The Grouch – “Healing of the Nation” Music Video – Hip-Hop/Rap (5/11)
links: Website – Facebook – YouTube

Found this band one night while looking up Hip-Hop artists that have a positive message. Haven’t heard any other tracks from these guys but thought their song “Healing of a Nation” sounded pretty good, especially since it has a heavy guitar Rock feel to it. Beats are pretty good and over all sound is easy to get a feel for. These guys are out of Oakland, CA and are playing through the US hitting up Hawaii, NV, NY and other spots in between