What is the Nature of Consciousness? by David Almeida

This article discusses some of the aspects of the concept we refer to as “consciousness.” The nature of consciousness is difficult to pin down. It does not conform to the rules of the physical reality, or for that matter, the nonphysical dimensions. Consciousness resides within these frames, and yet seems to exist apart from it.

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“A hug is like a boomerang – you get it back right away.” ~ Bil Keane

“The love of heaven makes one heavenly.” ~ William Shakespeare

“Sooner or later you’re going to realize, just as i did, that there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” Morpheus (Matrix movie)

‎”Lay forgiveness on your mind and let all fear be gently laid aside.” ~ A Course In Miracles

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Duality Vs. Polarity

by: James Renford Powell
The one concept that above all others plagues human beings, and has done so for all of recorded history, is the concept of duality. It is a hidden enemy, created in wrong thought (relative consciousness), and fed by fear. It has divided the world of man and has been the instrument of more death and destruction than all the terms we commonly use to describe evil. And yet the people of the world, as a whole, continue trapped in the same belief pattern. What is this thing called “duality”? Virtually every Church and most of the religions of the world have propagated this idea in their doctrine. Why is it such a pervasive idea, and why has it attracted such a following?

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POETRY: Learning the Art of Surrender

by Kip Mazuy
“If you want to learn surrender,
then the next time
you are caught out in the rain
without a raincoat or umbrella,
rather than run for shelter,
allow yourself to get wet.

You will be very aware
of the resistance to getting wet,
that instinctual urge
to run for shelter,
the sense of ‘me’
that wants to protect itself.

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MUSIC: Ten artists/bands that create music with insight and meaning in their music

Couldn’t wait till Sat……..

In this first YouTube post we will include ten artists, ranging from Ambient-World music, Reggae, Rock and Metal, that creates music that has meaning and insight in one form or another.

This and following music posts will include music from a variety of genres including New Age, Trance, Alternative, World, Hip-Hop, Techno, Rock, Heavy Metal and more. Video below….

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FILM REVIEW: Kumare’ – Film/Documentary (2012)

poster“Today I embrace illusion to find truth”
What is truth? What is illusion? This documentary/film explores the question of what is real and what is fake in understanding what a spiritual master is. Film maker Vikram Gandhi goes undercover as a Hindu guru to seek those answers and finds more about who he is as well as the reactions of his ‘followers’ when he unveils his true self.
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BOOK REVIEW:: Sri Gawn Tu Fahr – “Loves True Home”

Book Review: Sri Gawn Tu Fahr – “Loves True Home” (Xlibris)

Found a link from Sri Gawn Tu Fahr Facebook page that offered a link to “Love’s True Home” and decided to head on over and check it out. Since I’ve been in a bit of a funk about the direction of my reality I decided I needed to read up some inspirational quotes that at times are quirky and humorous but overall truthful and enlightening. I decided to take the advice from the introduction and flip through the pages and read the passages at random. Each of the 24 chapters range from Kindness, Letting Go, and Divine Love to Facebook and Twitter quotes, which I’ve been reading for a few months now.

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How Will History Remember You?

by Michael Snyder
(Originally Posted at The American Dream)

How are you going to spend your life?  When it is all said and done, how will history remember you?  Unfortunately, these days most people do not spend much time thinking about those kinds of questions.  Most people just kind of stumble through life without any clear direction or meaning.  Sadly, our society makes it far too easy to remain “comfortably numb” the vast majority of the time.  We are absolutely addicted to entertainment and there is more of it available today than ever before – television, movies, music, video games, sports events, food, gambling, shopping – the outlets for feeding our addictions are seemingly endless.  But do you really want to spend your life feeding your addictions and keeping yourself entertained as much as possible?  The following is a saying that has stayed with me my entire life: “Life is like a coin – you can spend it any way that you want, but you can only spend it once.”  If the fact that we are all hurtling through space on this giant rock is just some kind of cosmic accident and life really does not have any meaning, then yes it would make sense to fill up our lives with as much pleasure as possible before we die.  But if life really does have meaning and the things that we do today can have a permanent impact on the future, then perhaps many of us need to start thinking about what kind of legacy we are going to leave behind once we are gone. Continue reading “How Will History Remember You?”

Quick Finds: Black Thunder Singers

I found Black Thunder Singers through the NAMA (Native American Music Awards) website while strolling through their past winners. Black Thunder Singers won a 2011 NAMA for Best Pow Wow Recording Artist. Formed in 2001 Black Thunder are a Northern Tradition drumming group that sing the songs of the Black Hills and the Great Lakes regions. Continue reading “Quick Finds: Black Thunder Singers”

Quick Find: Sami Yusuf – Wherever You Are Video

Found this video from British singer/songwriter Sami Yusuf, a Muslim multi-instrumentalist musician who’s released four album, the most recent being, Wherever You Are (2011), the title of this lyric-video. I love this song because its simple, moving and brings the point home, of loving Divinity in however way one may do so.

Yusuf has coined his music “Spiritique” which he says blends both the “oriental and occidental” sounds, underpinned by spirituality that “will utilize music as a facilitator for spiritual appreciation, regardless of race and religion.” I plan on checking out more of yusuf in the near future. In the mean time, check out his Website at www.samiyusufofficial.com and Facebook Page: facebook.com/SamiYusuf

Quick Find: Ayla Nereo

Light in spirit and carefree – those were the words I first thought of after listening to a few of singer/songwriter Ayla Nereo’s songs the past few days. I first found her through a fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo.com for her new album”BeHeld” (congrates on achieving your goal of $8,000!) and then following her on her facebook.com/ayla.nereo.music page. Continue reading “Quick Find: Ayla Nereo”


“No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.” ~ Helen Keller
“God is not yet civilized. And never will be. Once god is civilized, he will be dead. God is wild …raw energy with tremendous potentiality and no limitation….” ~ OSHO
“The only thing of importance when we depart, will be the traces of Love we have left behind.” ~ Albert Schweitzer
“Let go of the past and go for the future. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined.” ~ Henry David Thoreau
“The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.” ~ Marianne Williamson
‎”…it is through the subconscious mind, which is part of Omnipotence, that the inspiration comes.” ~ Johannes Brahms
“Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.” ~ Corita Kent
‎”You leave old habits behind by starting out with the thought, ‘I release the need for this in my life’.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer
“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anais Nin

CD Review: Dean Evenson – “Relaxation Zone” 2012 (Soundings of the Planet)

New Age musician and composer Dean Evenson takes his relaxation music in new directions in his newest release, Relaxation Zone. For this newest endevour Evnson puts down his flute, which has been a staple of his sound for well over 30 years and composes piano and keys for this album that still resonates with ambient healing and relaxing melodies. Music from start to finish, 64min run time with ten tracks, is very soothing, ambient, and lives up to the name of the CD, music that brings you to that stillness within, that relaxation zone where you find peace and love.
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How You Can Become More Spiritual by Keith Ward

Spirituality has nothing to do with religion. However, many religions help you become more spiritual. If you choose a path of spirituality, you might not be a believer in any particular texts of the past but only hope to become a better person right now. While most religions refer to God or several Gods as existing in form elsewhere and watching over us, the spiritual person views God in everything and often doesn’t select a particular following but believes that all teachings that follow a path to goodness and righteousness can give the same benefit. The spiritual person worships from within his or her own heart.
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Great Ways That Religion Can Benefit Your Health by Frank Constanza

By: Frank Costanza

There have been many claims and studies saying that religion benefit’s the health of a person. Before revealing what those benefits are, let us know first what religion is. According to Cicero, religion came from the word ‘relegare’ which means to go through again and read again. ‘Re’ means again while ‘legere’ means read. However, the modern writers and ancient writers linked the word religion to ‘religare’ which means to bind fast or unite. Taking it from the word origins, religion means binding oneself or meeting the ultimate creator, God.
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A CULTIVATOR – Buddhist Hip-Hop

Bringing the Dharma to the Hip-Hop Community

In a world saturated with an abundance of musicians trying to make their mark in the music scene, whether it be in Rock, Metal, Country, Pop, Hip-Hop or whatever, few artists rise above with a positive message that brings peace and enlightenment as well as a realistic view of whats going on in the world around us, and even far less musicians bring about that message from a Buddhist viewpoint.
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Interview – Otep Shamaya

Musician, poet, animal rights and human and gay rights activist and soon to be Internet radio talk show host Otep Shamala spoke with Crossroads Music Magazine on the last leg of the Atavist Tour with fellow label mates Blackguard, Sister Sin and Destrophy as well as Austin, Texas band One-Eyed Doll while they played Theo’s Billiards in Corpus Christi the last day of June.

For the full in depth nterview be sure to check out the 50min mp3 that is available here (www.crossroadsmusicmag.com/images/audio/otep-interview-6-30-11.mp3). In the audio version Otep talks about her passions in life, including animal and human rights issues, imigration issues, gay rights, documentaries that she finds of interest, politics, the difference between spirituality and religion, as well as other items that stand true in her heart.

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Bad Things Happen to You Because You Are Attracting Negative Energy – Let’s Change That – Belinda Daly

By Author: Belinda Daly

What is Law of Attraction? Well Law of Attraction is the belief that you completely draw everything to you – good and bad.

Remember this does not mean that if something bad happens to you that you wanted it to happen to you. What I am saying is that, for some reason, you have ingrained the belief in your inner being that something bad is going to happen to you so inevitably something bad actually happens to you.
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What frequency are you broadcasting? by Derrick Bauman

I feel there are more and more minds today actively pondering the laws of creation and the mechanics of the universe. From Tony Robbins to Will Smith, from “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” to “The Secret” – there seems to be a truth recently acquired that people are changing their lives with and eagerly sharing with the world.  boiled down to it’s simplest form – this secret, is about frequency.
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The Consciousness and Subconsciousness

Author: Enkeled Kanaj

The mind can be divided into two independent realms: the conscious and subconscious. The conscious and subconscious are two different spheres of activity within one mind. The conscious mind, or rational mind, is related to reasoning, logic, selectivity, comparison, analysis, learning and understanding. Our waking awareness is seated in the conscious mind, which uses the five physical senses to perceive the material world. The subconscious mind, as the name suggests, exists below the level of conscious awareness. The subconscious mind is the majority of the mind; the conscious mind, while the most evolved part of the brain, is only a very small portion of the total. The subconscious mind is extremely powerful, capable of processing many times more information than the rational mind. However, it is irrational, does not reason, and cannot differentiate between ideas such as good and evil, or positive and negative. The subconscious mind accepts whatever is impressed upon it. Phrased differently, the subconscious mind is habitual and behavioral.
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The Choices We Make

Every moment of our lives is made up of choices. Deciding whether to have a meal or not, is a choice. With choices come consequences: deciding to eat is a choice and being full afterwards is the consequence. Or perhaps you’ll decide to eat out, and at the restaurant, you meet a friend and you dine together. You chat and something in your conversation leads to another situation; if you hadn’t eaten out and met your friend, perhaps the course of your life would be different.
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Contemplation as a Methodology for Spiritual Connection

by Tami Brady – www.tami-brady.com

In this article, I am going to explore the methodology of contemplation as a means to explore personalize truth and spiritual bonding. As with any technique, it is important to remember that contemplation is a tool. Thus, undertaking contemplation will not automatically translate into a free ticket into Heaven or automatically transport you to Nirvana. Nor will reading this article cause you to suddenly realize your true potential with ultimate understanding of the universe. Contemplation is merely one method used by some individuals to gain insight into themselves, their beliefs, and into the workings of the universe. If this methodology suits your particular purposes, then use it. If not, modify the methodology or find another more suitable alternative. Continue reading “Contemplation as a Methodology for Spiritual Connection”

Do Yoda Proud: Meditation 101

by Dr. Janette Marie Freeman – http://www.janettemariefreeman.com

Meditation is most commonly associated with monks, mystics and other spiritual disciplines. However, you don’t have to be a monk or mystic to enjoy its benefits. And you don’t even have to be in a special place topractice it. You could even try it in your own living room!

Although there are many different approaches tomeditation, the fundamental principles remain the same. The most important among these principles is that of removing obstructive, negative, and wandering thoughts and fantasies, and calming the mind with a deep sense of focus. This clears the mind of debris and prepares it for a higher quality of activity. Continue reading “Do Yoda Proud: Meditation 101”

Your Behavior Is Your Belief

by Rhoberta Shaler, PhD – www.SpiritualLivingNetwork.com

Your behavior IS your belief. Ouch! Most folks don’t wantthat to be true when they first hear it. How about you?

I was speaking at a conference and it was lunchtime. I was sitting at a table of participants and we shared a lovely meal. The coffee was served and we were relaxing, I thought.

The woman next to me leaned in and whispered,

“I know coffee is not good for me and I don’t really drink coffee. I need a pick-me-up and just thought this was a special occasion.” She was almost apologetic. I whispered back and affirmed,

“You’re a coffee drinker.” She protested mightily.

“Oh, no, I’m really not!” I smiled and told her that indeed she was a coffee drinker as she was indeed drinking coffee! Continue reading “Your Behavior Is Your Belief”