About This Pg (Consciousness)

A little word on this section: CONSCIOUSNESS
Consciousness – Items in this section relate to the various aspects of spirituality and the different forms of expression that humanity uses in relation to their beliefs and how it is true in them selves.

Since the whole essence of this site is related to consciousness in one form or another the aim of the Spiritual/Consciousness section herein are as followed….

Information in relation to various religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Hindusism, Wicca, Islam, etc.) This will come by small articles and stories in relation to aspects of religious texts, quotes from a religious txt, words of wisdom from followers of those teachings as well as many others ways.

Articles will center around the understanding of “What is Spirituality?” or “What is Consciousness?” This will include writings from various people that are sharing their vision of reality, not only in terms of their own spiritual understanding but also how another may find insight along their own path in life.

Even though aspects of religion, theological discussion, dogmatic principles and our own personal understanding can divide us on a number of topics, the aim is to find commonality….and most importantly…purpose. More info to follow.