How many posts will I do this year!?

So it’s been close to a year since I have written anything on my site, besides a few month back stating really nothing. COVID19, working and being in a relationship has cut my time in writing about things I find interesting.

So, a quick outline on this past year…

COVID19 – Found most of my time on Twitter following the virus and the atrocious response to it by this administration. Havent caught thankfully but have had a number of family, friends and others come down with it. Most are ok. Had an old musician friend die two months back from it. Wear a mask…dont be an idiot.

WORK – Love working at a local resale shop that helps women in need and now has shower for the homeless. Plus I get to keep and/or buy things before it goes on showroom for sell. Might post some finds here.

RELATIONSHIPS – After a disastrous start with a short term relationship (which was the worst in my life) I decided to chill out and find comfort in someone that cares and loves me for who I am. An old relationship from my past came back around and were doing great.

SCREEN PRINTING – Thanks to my wonderful gf I was able to start screen printing again. Still building up equipment but am able to start up again. Slowly reprinting some designs and printing new ones.

TO END – I’m still reading books, watching documentaries, listening to music and still finding a connection to that which is greater then myself. Hopefully I will start posting some music I love, writing articles of interest. Time will tell.

Be safe in 2021

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