Free Advertisement and Classified Ads

Screenshot (100)Print Publication Update:
For the promotional issue, released March 2018, we are giving away free classified ads and a few ad spaces on a limited bases. In exchange for this free service we ask that, when the promo issue is out, you distribute a number of copies as you so wish. Also, promoting your ad or classified on social media with the hashtag #sphota-meraki will also help get the word out for yourself as well as us. And we will do the same back as well. We want you to be able to give these away to your clients, customers or further business associates. This publication is just by word of mouth and is being built up by the community of like minded individuals.

If interested in a classified please see the two samples below. Classifieds are going to run at 50 word Max.
Information pertaining to your business, including physical or online presence, contact info and a brief description of service or business is welcomed. All classified ads will be available online as well with available links.

You can contact me through email or facebook to finalize your classified(s).

TWO STONED BIRDS Screen Printings
Affordable screen printing for your business. Minimum 12 shirts, one color, one location starting at $5 per shirt. Discounts for larger print runs. Graphic artist available as well. (36 words)

SPHOTA-MERAKI Magazine – Print and Online
Consciousness. Wellness. Ecology. Educative. Fringe. Frolic. New print publication pertaining to some of the things that matter in life. More info… (30 words)

We are also giving away a number of ‘business card’ size advertisement spaces. If interested in having a business card size ad please contact us ( for further info. To be eligible for a business card size ad the following are required.

1. Have your own graphic that will be used for print.
(If need graphic for business card size ad, price starts at $30) –
2. Agree to distribute at least 15 copies (more available on request).
3. Follow and like us on social media, we are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under Along Your Path, we will continue using those until further notice.

We will be having additional information on liking and sharing specific posts that will be available when print is being released. Additional information on sharing specific posts will also have your ad being shared as well.

All ads will be included in the web version of the print publication. Info on how that will look will be available shortly. Your ad will be posted on an advertisers page as well as other additional pages. More info will be available when ad rates become available.

Size requirement
3.5″ x 2″ or 2″ x 3.5″ is the standard size of business cards. The final print of your ad may be a bit larger than the original specs.  All graphics need to be 300dpi , high res jpg, ai, pdf or cdr file format. When contacted more information will be available.

More information will be coming soon. We will also be emailing out information to our growing email list soon. Any questions please contact and we will get back as soon as possible.

Thanks and have a great day!



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