Name: Sphota-Meraki (meaning)
Promotional Issue: #00
Release Date: 3/2018
Page Count: 24
Circulation: 3000+
Distribution: Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Victoria
– Promotional issue will be primarily be distributed through advertisers and contributors, special events and few locations. More info on that coming soon.
Content: See below


There will be six sections in the publication. In the dropdown menu above, these sections have been divided and will, eventually, house articles that will appear in the print publication. A brief description is below and further info will be included in the actual print publication along with sample articles and info.

1. Consciousness – Aspects of religion and spiritual understanding.
2. Ecology – Aspects dealing with the flora and fauna. Animal rights issues and environmental concerns
3. Wellness – Physically and mentally, traditional and holistic.
4. Educative – Aspects relating to the education sector and well as government concerns
5. Fringe – Anything related to conspiracy theories
6. Frolic – Music and the Arts

Below is a glimpse of the writings and articles that will be touched on in this first promotional issue and highlight future content.

Section 1: Consciousness
– Spirituality and Rationality: Why we Believe Our Truths Yet Question Anothers.
– What Do I Know For Sure? A Glimps into Consciousness.
– Relax….and Dream Up a Good Life.

Section 2: Ecology
Standing Rock – One Year Later
10 Websites on Environmental and Animal Welfare News

Section 3: Wellness
Local Organizations Helping bring Awareness on Medicinal Marijuana

Section 4: Educative
The Problem with Education

Section 5. Fringe
Differences Between Conspiracy Theories and Intelligent Skepticism
Mind Control

Section 6: Frolic
Regional Events – South Texas
Issues Top 10 – Various Musical genre music artists – Rock – Hip-Hop – EDM – Ambient

You will see as you delve into this magazine, content will relates to various individuals, businesses, companies and organizations here in Texas. Since this magazine will be eventually distributed in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Corpus Christi we want to represent Texans that are creating a better tomorrow. Whether an artist, a musician, a healthy restaurant, a therapist, to a conservationist this magazine will highlight people creating change. There will also be articles and writings relating to those outside of Texas of course, but we felt we needed to highlight those in Texas. More info will be available soon.

In a few days I will be posting information on how you can get free advertisement as well as free Classified ads in this first promotional issue. If you have an online presence, brick-n-mortar, vendor business in relation to the subject matter at hand email us at ayppub@yahoo.com or contact us on Facebook, twitter or Instagram. To qualify for free advertisement businesses that shares on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere will be eligible, whether classifieds or advertisement. More info will soon follow.


Further Info will be available as soon as I finish spicific items relating to the magaznine. If you have any questions please contact me through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, links above. Or you can email me at ayppub@yahoo.com


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