New Page {sphota} and other endeavors…

First to direct you to {sphota} which you can find in the drop down menu section above or by clicking HERE. This is the direction I have been taking for some time now and now, I am including it here and will add to it in the weeks and months to come.

Pages and posts will be revamped in a way that is more suitable to what {sphota} will become.


Each MENU PAGE above will be revamped and started anew, which all content within each menu page will be deleted and updated. At the moment the SPIRITUALITY Menu Page has changed to CONSCIOUSNESS. We have deleted content on that page with only a link, for now, to an article from Tim Hjersted, director and co-founder of Films For Action. You can go directly to the article here. The reason I include this one article is basically as a foundation for what {sphota} is about. I will also be including links to documentaries listed therein.


 ABOUT US Page is Updated. Really didnt put much there as we are focusing on other items and just needed something different to include.


TWO STONED BIRDS has been busy working on screen printings as well as delving into concrete statuaries. We have been a vendor at a few shows this year in San Antonio, Austin, Houston as well as our home town of Victoria and are planing on expanding in 2017. We will be updating this as time goes on.

Please follow and like Two Stoned Birds Facebook as well as Along Your Path Facebook Page and just recently added but not publicized {sphota} Facebook Page (not available at moment)

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