Gray State – Director and Writer David Crowley found dead along with wife and daughter


Updates:From all indications, from posts from family and friends this was a Murder/Suicide. Speculation from various people still linger yet those close to the case have posted on various pages that financial trouble and worry brought this man and family down. I will still write a full article for the print issue concerning David, his family, and his documentary, which is available below. The full version might still be in the go. The movie probably wont. Many blessings to all involved.

Someone from the Gray State The Rise Facebook page doesn’t believe the roughcut version shouldnt have been posted…..

Hashtag used to bring awareness: #justiceforcrowley

Youtube Rough Cut Version Just released by Youtube Video Below

David Crowley, writer and director of Gray State, a fictional yet controversial movie depicting a second American Revolution after the advancement of a future Police State, was found dead in his home along with his wife and daughter in Apple Valley, MN Saturday Jan. 17th.  According to news (and here) authorities say it was an apparent murder/suicide and that the deaths may have happened around Christmas.

Yet the blog-o-sphere suggest otherwise. On a Reddit Conspiracy Forum and Godlike Productions Forum, as well as other similar sites, people believe that it might have been more than the apparent murder-suicide that is being pushed. From all accounts David was carefree and had a lot going for him and the films he helped create. Two facebook pages, Justice For David Crowley and Family and Justice for David Crowley of Gray State have been made to investigate the circumstances surrounding his death as well as info pertaining to the Gray State films. One such note was by Douglas Hagmann who interviewed him back in Oct. ’12 and this is what was said…

It was during the latter part of our conversation that he made the statement that is most unsettling and troubling to me. It was six months after the death of Andrew Breitbart and five months before the “accident” that claimed the life of Michael Hastings. He ominously confided that he had no intentions of committing suicide or otherwise becoming a statistic as he had so much to live for. “I’m not prone to suicide,” he told me. (source)

On November 18, 2014, on the Gray State Facebook page a post stating that the film would be available for free “as soon as possible” gives clues that David might have been close to finishing the film. Yet from what I can tell there were two Gray State films in the works, one being the narrative film which David made a trailer for and was pitching to LA and the other being a non-fiction documentary dealing with the rise of the police state.

In the trailer scenes of people being forced to have RFID chips implanted to be able to buy foods and goods, police and military shooting American civilians, night time home raids and armed ‘militia’ fighting against police and military. Towards the end of the trailer reads “The Second American Revolution May Not Be Remembered.”

YouTube Gray State: The Rise (Rough Cut)

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