Saving Ellie Grace – GoFundMe

From their GoFundMe Page


During the early hours of January 1st, around 2:30 am, a tragic fatal roadside accident ensued near the Sam Houston Parkway feeder at West View resulting in the loss of the life of a caring pregnant mother, but a miraculous second chance for the life of her newborn child.

After suffering a traumatic brain injury, the mother was rushed in critical condition to the nearest emergency hospital.

Doctors performed an emergency surgery on the injured mother, but unfortunately, against all of their best efforts,this wasn’t enough. The mother of two would succumb to her injuries only a few hours after the accident.

Miraculously, the Doctors were able to save the 23 week old, one and a half pound newborn from certain demise. The newborn is currently under critical condition battling her injuries in the NICU.

Please join us. Together we can make a tremendous difference in Ellie’s life and her future. With your support, we can raise the necessary funds in order to provide Ellie with the opportunity of a lifetime, a second chance. Your donations will award Ellie access to the necessary medical care that she requires as she battles through her injuries.

Additionally, the funds will allow the afflicted family the opportunity to conduct the proper burial arrangements for the deceased mother of two.

The 24-year-old mother is survived by her son (Tyler), and her new born daughter (Ellie).


Information about the incident can be viewed in the ‘news link’ below:

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