What frequency are you broadcasting? by Derrick Bauman

I feel there are more and more minds today actively pondering the laws of creation and the mechanics of the universe. From Tony Robbins to Will Smith, from “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” to “The Secret” – there seems to be a truth recently acquired that people are changing their lives with and eagerly sharing with the world.  boiled down to it’s simplest form – this secret, is about frequency.

Our cosmos is a symphony of vibration.  all of creation holds a frequency of source code as it’s own unique translation of truth.  frequencies form galaxies, nebulas, suns, planets, elements, eco-systems, communities, friends, family, language, the arts – all embedded with the same source code, all unique with their own truth – all with the possibility of living harmoniously with the great symphony that plays across all planes of existence.

While many of the religions of the world vaguely kept the truth of unity within their teachings, we now also have science “discovering” that we are in fact all connected, and that your consciousness effects your reality.  This only makes sense in a cosmic orchestra where you are an instrument, broadcasting your unique frequency, adding to our cosmic performance.

A frequency that radiates out clearly is heard throughout the universe, which allows that frequency to be supported by the laws of creation.  the universe will gather frequencies to harmonize with your unique voice,  it will bring in supporting acts to amplify your voice and use your voice to support and harmonize with others.  the universe does this as a reflex – it cannot help but conduct the frequencies which make themselves heard on it’s vast, multidimensional, timeless canvas.

So then…how is it that one can be heard by the universe, made available to be supported and add to this great cosmic creation?  how does one radiate clearly to allow the universe to do what it loves to do?

there is an alignment that we must achieve in order for our instrument to ring clearly and confidently.  this alignment is with our thoughts, our emotions and our actions.  when any of these elements of our being are not in tune with our intention – our frequency is muted, clouded and seemingly distorted.  even still – the universe hears what it hears and moves it’s multidimensional orchestra to align with whatever message it was able to discern from your muffled communication.

you have thoughts of freedom, but feel like a slave and your actions are consistent with someone that is oppressed.  you have thoughts of wealth, but feel as though in poverty and take actions based on scarcity.  you have thoughts of happiness but feel sad and your actions are inline with someone that is depressed. there are limitless ways to sabotage our communication with the universe and prevent it from serving us in the way that it desires to.

as simple as the idea of clearly holding an intention is – in practice it obviously holds it challenges.  clearly there is design in our society to keep one from having a thought on their own, feeling something genuine and having the time for actions of their own choosing.  while that is true – it is only so because of the same laws of creation that can easily be harnessed to steer this collective human ship in an entirely different direction.

all that is needed is a few willing volunteers to step forward with clear intentions, to think their own thoughts, to feel the emotion of their soul’s desire, and to act in alignment with their divine truth.  such voices ring clearly throughout space and time, and in an instant, the universe moves to harmonize, support and accelerate this new vision into being.


original article @ ascendedthoughts.com

About the Author

i am a writer, director, producer living in Vancouver, BC.

the primary focus of all of my creative work is the evolution of human consciousness and the ascension process that is now well on it’s way for our race as well as our planet and solar system.  i seek to share my unique perspective on the perfection of creation and in doing so hope to activate and inspire those who wish to experience profound change in their lives – to do so.

my website is www.ascendedthoughts.com through which all of my work is distributed.  if you resonate with what i am sharing please visit the site and signup for the monthly newsletter so you can stay tuned in to the additional content i am adding each month.   soundscapes, dj mixes, blog articles, photography, videos are all part of the content that i share with the world each month.

hope you enjoy!


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